Pink Buns Are A Thing At KFC China, But That's Not The Only Colorful Fast Food Sandwich Around

Well, there's no gentle way to put this, so I guess I'll just come right out and say it: There are now pink buns at KFC China. You heard me. You now have the option of getting a piece of the Colonel's good stuff on a sandwich bun that looks like something Hello Kitty might keep around her house. Apparently the bun is supposed to be "rose colored," and, well... I don't totally know what to do with that.

The official name of the sandwich is the "Rose Cheese Roasted Chicken Leg Burger" — but hey, guess what? If you're not a fan of the color pink, you've got options! Also available alongside this rose-tinted creation is a bun as black as the soul of the person who came up with these crazy ideas in the first place. It's called the "Black Diamond Bacon Spicy Chicken Leg Burger." Uh... yum. Or... something.

So why the wacky burger colors? There's a rumor going around that this odd couple is a play on a popular Chinese cartoon featuring two characters, one with black hair and one with pink. I'm not really sure it makes me feel any better about it, but, well... do with that what you will.

In KFC's defense, though, these aren't the only weird buns fast food restaurants have come up with over the years. Here are some more creepy concoctions they've tried to feed us:

1. Burger King Kuro Burger

Maybe the inspiration for The Grudge was based on the color of everyone's mouth after eating this nightmare.

2. Burger King Samurai Burger

Made from the blood of their enemies... that means you, McDonald's.

3. Burger King Ninja Burger

OK, not only does it have a black bun, but even worse, it has a tongue.

4. Black Hot Dog

From Japan. I'll take an order of nope with a side of nope.

5. McDonald's Squid Ink Burger

Oh, McDonald's. Come on. You're better than this.

Images: KFC China; Burger King Japan/Facebook (2)