This Husky Puppy Instagram Is The Solution To Problems You Don't Even Have Yet — PHOTOS

I need you to hold on to your seat belts, fellow humans, because these husky puppies on Instagram are actually the cutest things you’ve ever seen in your adult life. I know that up until this point you thought it was the tiny hamster videos (actually, those really are my favorite). Or if you weren’t sold on that, you thought the cutest moment was when you saw those underwater babies. But I can assure you that these huskies are going to make your insides melt right out of your body, at which point they’ll evaporate into the sky and burst into a million tiny stars. Mark my words, friends, that’s what’s about to happen, all thanks to the world’s cutest husky puppies.

Not to make it all about me, but when I was a kid, my next door neighbors had a beautiful blue-eyed husky who was about as tall as I was. I was obsessed. His name was Sled and I legitimately cried when our neighbors moved away and I had to say goodbye to him. There’s a picture of us hugging before they all drove away. (If you don’t have tears in your eyes right now, how is it possible that you can even call yourself a human being?)

OK. Moving on, those photos are by Erica Tcogoeva, an artist based in St. Petersburg, Russia. She is on Behance and of course, Instagram. Here are six of her most stunning husky pupstagrams:

1. The Solo Warrior

She's beauty and she's grace. (Or he's beauty and he's grace.)

2. The One With Athletic Prowess

New Nike spokesperson? There's a 500% chance he'll do better than Tiger Woods.

3. Puppies In Pajamas

Like Bananas In Pajamas, but not.

4. Master Of The Water Bowl

The only dog that could ever pass off a water dish as a throne.

5. The One Who's Making A Statement

And a statement in footie pajamas, I might add.

6. The One With The Ear Rubs

I see this as a deep tissue massage for dogs.

Images: Courtesy Of Erika Tcogoeva