Lauren Manzo's Wedding Photos Preview The Beautiful Ceremony 'Manzo'd With Children' Will Delve Into This Season

Lauren Manzo grew up on The Real Housewives of New Jersey, so it's only fitting that she'd get married on her family's spinoff show, Manzo'd with Children . Since the show is obviously going to make us wait for the real thing, Lauren Manzo's wedding photos offer a nice preview into the event that will undoubtedly serve as the focal point of Season 2. And while the real story of the wedding will be Lauren and now husband Vito Scalia's love, big RHONJ fans will notice that the setting of those wedding pics is The Brownstone, which is kind of like the sixth member of the Manzo family.

Though they'll use literally any occasion to have a big reception at The Brownstone — Albert Sr.'s catering and banquet hall in Paterson, New Jersey — this time, they really had an important reason to converge. Lauren's wedding looked beautiful, and basically serves as the perfect advertisement for her family's business. The place settings? Gorgeous. Everything was perfectly coordinated (unlike the typical RHONJ event). There didn't even seem to be any fights, though there's no guarantee of that until we see the wedding on TV in full, because this extended family knows how to brawl.

You can wait to see Vito and Lauren tie the knot on Bravo, but if you want a sneak peek of the gorgeousness on display, simply look below — because the Manzo family excitedly posted a ton of pictures of the main event.

It Was A Family Affair

Albie, Lauren's older brother, posted a photo that proved the place was packed with family — I mean, they are the Manzos, "family" is their motto.

Lauren's Dress Was A Perfect Match

I might have guessed that Lauren was going to go full New Jersey Housewives, with tons of bling and a million accessories. But she had a very simple, floaty princess gown, nothing sparkly save for some simple jewelry, and the prettiest veil I've ever seen.

Dina Manzo Posted A Photo Of The Wedding

Dina. Manzo. Was. There. I'm going to presume she was meant to be there, because Dina doesn't really seem like the type to show up uninvited and throw things. This time last year, she was getting tearful at the idea of missing family events, and it looks like that's changed.

It Was A Big Church Wedding... With White Castle

The family grabbed a few sliders before the ceremony, and that seems just like the Manzos.

Bravo Represented At The Reception

I guess this is what happens when you spend years and years with a TV network as basically close family friends. Lauren celebrated with a few people from Bravo's PR department, just like you'd get down with some cousins you only see a few times a year.

The Rings Got A Close-Up

No huge rock! Just simple bands (though to be fair Lauren's of course is ringed with diamonds) with the happy couple. Seriously, even their hands look happy!

Married Life Does Not Mean Quiet Life

First Instagram of their married life? Tequila shots.

Jacqueline & Melissa Were There!

You never know which Manzos are getting along at any given time, but Nicolas appeared on Caroline's Instagram with a message that implied he was the ring bearer, while Ashley, Jacqueline's daughter, was a bridesmaid.

Lauren's Parents Stole The Show

It would not be a Manzo family event if Caroline didn't have some oversized emotion while Al stood by with a stoic look on his face. I mean, even though I'm sure Lauren has her moment, having parents who are the star of their own reality TV franchise means they always have to take a moment. It is called Manzo'd with Children, after all. But no matter how much Caroline stole the spotlight, Lauren's wedding truly let her shine.

Image: Dave Kotinsky/Bravo