Iowa Republican: Women Must Be Appealed To 'On An Emotional Level'

Remember last week, when we reported that the Republican Party had started holding classes on how to communicate with women? Well, they may not have to do so anymore, because one GOPer says he’s figured it out: Women, explained Iowa Senate candidate Mark Jacobs (no relation), need to be appealed to “on an emotional level.” And because Jacobs has a wife and daughter, he knows how to do this. Therefore, elect him to the Senate. The end!

Jacobs, a wealthy former energy executive, made the comments in an interview with WHO-TV in Des Moines on Monday. The implication that male politicians should talk to their female constituents and opponents as if they were children, as well as the implication that men are robots devoid of emotion, might sound a tad condescending to both men and women, but at least it’s better than claiming that rape can’t result in pregnancy.

Despite his confidence that he’s found the conduit through which men can communicate with women, Jacobs opposes a woman’s right to choose, which could play a bigger factor in his ability to win over women voters than his ability to appeal "on an emotional level."