Beyoncé Is 'Vogue's September Issue Cover Woman

by Dana Reszutek

It's official — Beyoncé is covering Vogue 's infamous September Issue. After an Internet leak Wednesday night, this morning news comes to many with little surprise, especially since it is, after all, Queen B.

Sporting “Drunk in Love”-esque wet hair, a sheer lace dress with some perfectly placed floral appliqués, and a cranberry jacket with some intense beading, Beyoncé absolutely proves why she’s one of the major “Forces of Fashion.”

With “Forces of Fashion” as the major theme (and title) of the issue, it’s not surprising that Vogue would choose a star with undeniable influence. Entitling the singer’s interview with “Beyoncé and the Art of Global Domination,” hopefully this means Queen B will give us some pointers in the issue on how to seriously run the world.

And even though everyone is used to seeing Beyoncé on the cover of like, every magazine (looking flawless as always), and Bey has covered Vogue twice before, this is the singer’s first Vogue September issue cover, which is actually a historical moment . This is the first time a black female artist was the star of the infamous issue, and only the third time a black celebrity graced the September issue cover on her own, the other two being Naomi Campbell in 1989 and Halle Berry in 2010.

Vogue also surprised readers with a teaser video — made by Beyoncé herself — that shows some behind-the-scenes footage of the cover shoot. Set it what looks like a mansion (or possibly Queen B’s castle), the vid shows the star sporting a variety of elegant dresses, and giving some majorly fierce face.

With this stunning cover and amazing vid to hold you over, there’s only a little bit of time left before we can check out Bey’s complete — and guaranteed incredible — spread in this major fashion mag.