Beyonce's Full "Standing On the Sun" Leaks Online

Like a sheer H&M tank top, Beyoncé's "Standing on the Sun" is a steal. Mostly because you can listen to the single for free online... before it was made available on iTunes.

Yep, the singer's anticipated new single — which plays in her ad for H&M — has been leaked in full online, after we were forced to pick it apart in snippets of her commercial. Here it is in all it's Queen B glory:

Unsurprisingly, it's a jam as perfect for summer as the clothes Beyoncé wears in her H&M ad (which, of course, will never fit as well on you). So, play it again (and again and again), and just try to resist the subliminal urge to go to H&M and purchase a $6 piece of material it calls a shirt.

Image: H&M