This Suction Cup Turns You On Before You Have Sex

I've definitely made my love of new and interesting sex toys clear, but this is something I've never seen before. Fiera by Nuelle is a new, well... it's not exactly a sex toy that will be out this month. It's an intimacy enhancer— or "pre-hancer"— that may be the solution for women who struggle with sexual arousal. Instead of being focused on having sex or achieving orgasm, like traditional sex toys such as vibrators or dildos, this little device comes into play before sex begins —getting you excited and ready for sex.

How does it work? It's actually a hands-free suction that encourages arousal and lubrication. You attach it to your clitoral area, a clit vacuum if you will. Dr. Leah Millheiser, Nuelle CSO, tells Bustle, "I think of Fiera as a jump-starter for foreplay, I call it 'Before Play.' It works by using suction to enhance blood flow to the genitals which leads to that pleasurable sensation of genital engorgement and arousal which then sparks desire."

The product was created after they identified an unmet need in the female sexual arousal category, Karen Long, Nuelle CEO, tells Bustle. "There was a consensus among the many women we spoke with, that there was a gap in evidence based products for sexual arousal and desire concerns that needed to be filled," Long says. "Their message was loud and clear, women wanted something that would help them get in the mood and ready for sex. They wanted a product that was small, discreet and beautiful and wanted their concerns normalized."

Fiera Arouser, $199, Amazon

It may sound a little out there, especially if you're not someone who struggles with arousal and I'm not saying anyone should coax themselves into sex they don't want, but there are lot of people, like many post-menopausal women who do have trouble achieving physical interest sex, even if mentally they want to be sexual. This solution make sense for the same reason that yoga is thought to lead to improved sex lives because so many of the poses increase blood flow to the genitals— think of it as a cobra pose on steroids.

Here's what you need to know:

1. How Do You Wear It?

The vacuum holds it in place, but you need to position it around your clitoris, with the ring tucked under the labia majora. Still confused? No worries, they have a handy beginners' guide to get you started.

2. It Comes In Multiple Styles

Because everyone's labia and clitoris are different, it comes in two different styles to make sure that you have the a good, comfortable fit.

3. There Are Different Vibration Settings

In addition to suction, there's vibration to maximize arousal. There are three patterns, and intensity options let you discover your own optimal experience.

4. Use Lube

Lube makes everything better. In this case they suggest a bit of water-based lubricant (not silicone based) on the ring to ensure the best suction.

5. Blood Flow Is Key

I've talked about how amazing the clit is, and the idea of this product is that it's specifically designed to stimulate blood flow in the clitoris and encourage vaginal lubrication. The traditional way to wear it seems to be for five to 10 minutes prior to sex to get the blood flowing.

6. It Can Also Be Worn During Sex

Although mostly used for "before play", it can also be used during sex to enhance . So if you really enjoy the sensation you can try it during sex as well.

7. It's For Everyone

The product seems to be mostly aimed at those who have struggled with sexual arousal— whether from menopause or hormone changes, or just plain old fatigue and sleep deprivation. But it also can be used by anyone who wants to boost their sex life — even if it's already satisfying. “Research shows that sexuality is an important indicator of overall quality of life for women of all ages," says Millheiser. "In our consumer study, women who used Fiera experienced not only the feeling of being in the mood but also, increased genital lubrication, enhanced sexual intimacy and an added benefit of a pleasurable and intense orgasm."

Although with a $199 price tag, it seems to me it will probably makes more sense for those who need it.

8. You Should Clean It And Replace The Rings

I just have to add this to everything you're using down there. Even though it's pretty external, you can't forgo hygiene! The website says "Fiera should be cleaned after each use with mild soap and warm water and dried with a soft, lint-free cloth. The SofSense ring should be removed for easy cleaning and snapped back into place after it has been thoroughly dried." The ring also will need to be replaced after a few uses.

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