'Downton Abbey's Mary & Matthew Reunited

Is there any Downton Abbey fan out there who is truly over the heartbreaking end of Mary and Matthew? The couple took their sweet time getting together and then their happily ever after ended in a car crash. With the end of Downton Abbey fast-approaching, any hopes for one final Matthew and Mary scene seemed impossible. He is dead, after all, but then Downton Abbey stars Michelle Dockery and Dan Stevens reunited, and, for a moment, everything was as it should be again. The sure to be historic reunion pics were posted on Instagram by the beloved Dockery and Stevens, and, trust me Downton Abbey fans, seeing their faces so close together is about to give you all the feelings.

Even though both actors are moving on from Downton AbbeyStevens will soon be playing the Beast to Emma Watson's Beauty, and Dockery has landed a TNT show — they will always be Matthew and Mary Crawley in my heart, and in the hearts of so many other fans. Even though Lady Mary will surely find new love in the sixth and final season, no romance will ever compare to the one she had with Matthew. Just look at these two! Even in modern clothes they look flawless together.

Dockery missed his face! Thank goodness for the BAFTAs; without them, this flawless ship reunion may have never happened. Just in case you prefer seeing Dockery and Stevens in their full-color glory, check out the picture Stevens posted as well.

Don't worry, if you are trying to process the following feelings, you are in good company.


I honestly never thought this day would come. Now all of my daydreams about an alternate reality where Matthew and Mary are never parted have pictorial evidence to back them up. This is the actual best day ever!


Why couldn't they just stay happy forever? Seriously, Stevens, I know you wanted to get serious about your film career, but Matthew and Mary were everything, dude. As gorgeous as these pics are, one last season worth of Mary and Matthew goodness would have been even better.


Dockery and Stevens clearly still like each other. Even if there's no Mary/Matthew reunion, maybe they could do a movie together or be like the modern day Nick and Nora! Or, you know, just generally exist in the same space more often so Mary/Matthew fans can pretend nothing bad ever happened.

Stubborn Commitment

Someone cue up Dido, because I will go down with this ship. Seriously, I will never let go. Mary and Matthew were destined, and these pictures have only renewed my belief that they are the one true pairing of Downton Abbey. Mary and Matthew fans never say die.

Now, who's up for some alternate universe Mary/Matthew fan fiction? Because this fresh material is too good to let it go to waste.

Images: ITV; Giphy (4)