Tom Brady’s Courtroom Sketch Is NOT Flattering

by Tiffany Thomas

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady appeared to be all smiles as he left a federal courtroom on Wednesday. Brady is in court this week to appeal the NFL's decision to suspend him for four games following accusations that the Patriots quarterback was part of a conspiracy to cheat his team to a win in the 2015 Super Bowl, something he denies. The Associated Press reported that Federal Judge Richard Berman derided the NFL's case against Brady, which should have pleased the superstar athlete. But to the courtroom sketch artist, at several times, Brady must have appeared drawn, lifeless, and perhaps even a bit scary. An unflattering courtroom sketch of Brady is inspiring memes from laughing fans all over the internet.

In a hearing involving NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, a New York federal judge is considering whether the league properly investigated claims that the Patriots quarterback was involved in under-inflating footballs during the championship game — an alleged conspiracy popularly known as "Deflategate" — and whether the league acted appropriately in suspending Brady following its investigation. Fans aren't allowed in the hearing, so the only way to follow what's happening during the proceedings is through courtroom reporting.

Here's what Tom Brady looks like in real life:

Andrew Burton/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Whew! OK. And here's the courtroom artist's sketch of him:


It certainly didn't take long for memes and jokes at Brady's expense to go viral. Here are some of Twitter's funniest reactions to Brady's courtroom sketch so far.

Some Wondered Why Brady Looked Like A Zombie

Others Took A More Artistic Approach

A Few Figured That Brady Had Just Been Mistaken For Someone Else

And Some Were Just There For The Jokes

Jane Rosenberg is the artist responsible for Brady's sketch, and has covered courtroom scenes for more than 30 years, according to the Boston Globe. So why did Brady come off badly in her sketch? In an interview with Globe reporter Meredith Goldstein, Rosenberg said that it could have been because Brady spent so much time looking down, checking his phone:

He hardly looked up at all ... Are you interested in what’s going on or what?

Rosenberg added that making Brady look handsome was the last thing on her mind: "I don’t tend to flatter people and make them look beautiful."

Rosenberg later told VICE that she felt pretty bad about how Brady looked in her sketch: "Tell Tom Brady I'm sorry. He's a very good-looking guy, and if I didn't make him look good enough, I'll try harder next time."