Is Selena Gomez Dating Anyone? The "Same Old Love" Singer Might Be Sick Of, Well, The Same Old Love

Selena Gomez is on fire on social media right now, and she has some new credentials to prove it. The "Come and Get It" performer is nominated for two Teen Choice Awards, Social Media Queen and Choice Instagrammer. High praise, especially considering she's included with the likes of Taylor Swift and Nicki Minaj! And ahead of the awards show on Sunday, some fans and followers might be wondering if anything else is on fire in the Disney alum's life—perhaps her love life, to be specific. Is Selena Gomez is dating anyone right now?

For now, the short answer is that it seems like the 23-year-old is single. She has not copped to dating anyone publicly, and no one has made a claim about being involved with her as of late. The last person she admitted to being involved with was the DJ Zedd. She confirmed in July that they did in fact have a fling. However, she spoke in past tense when she said it "was nice," which implies that they were no longer seeing each other. But, of course, that does not stop the rumor mill from turning about people the pop star could potentially be involved with now that she and Zedd are a thing of the past.


Not long after the breakup with Zedd, Gomez was rumored to be dating Nick Jonas again in late July after the two were spotted meeting up together. You might have forgotten that the two were romantically involved in the past, but this, of course, immediately sparked interest. But when asked about the meet up in a radio interview, Jonas said it was simply good to "catch up" with her and left his commentary at that about the former couple's run-in. Around that same time, rumors also flew around about a possible relationship between Gomez and Zayn Malik after he followed her on Twitter. (People, are you romantically involved with every single person you follow on social media? I thought not.)

And of course, as always, people are always speculating about whether she is getting back together with Justin Bieber. Rumors were sparked in mid-July after the pair were spotted hanging out together, but a source close to Gomez denied that they were rekindling their romance.

That being said, the former Disney star is quite private when it comes to her personal and romantic life, so it would not be entirely surprising if it turned out she was seeing someone on the DL. After all, it took her a couple months after the fact to admit that she was involved with Zedd. But in the meantime, there is nothing wrong with taking a break from romance for a while!