Will 'Final Girl' Have A Sequel? Abigail Breslin Might Be Back For More Blood

There are just never enough movies in which female characters take bloody vengeance on wrongdoers. In the case of Final Girl, the vengeance is more than justified, considering the protagonist is after a group of overprivileged boys who "hunt" girls and kill them like it's a game. The story is a spooky thriller, and it certainly has the potential to be a franchise. After all, if a female heroine is badass enough, audiences will more than likely flock to see her draw even more blood in a follow-up film. So will a Final Girl sequel happen? There has been little to no talk about a part two so far, but based on the history of genre movies like this, a Final Girl sequel might be a possibility.

Final Girl stars Abigail Breslin as Veronica, a woman who lost her parents as a child. She is taken under the wing of William (Wes Bentley), who has a tragic past of his own. The two form a bond and he trains her to be a killing machine. The lessons come in handy when William decides to have Veronica take on the aforementioned group of douchey boys led by Jamison (Alexander Ludwig). She poses as the helpless victim that they hunt and kill — except she ends up turning the tables on them.

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In an interview with director Tyler Shields on Dread Central, the filmmaker explains how Final Girl is a different kind of horror movie than the usual. "The film is shot unlike anything you’ve seen before," he said. "All the effects are practical, there’s no CGI… the fights and the stunts are all real."

That is definitely something horror fans haven't seen in a while. Shields also talks about the originality of the film, something that he is really proud of, and rightfully so. "There’s sequel after sequel after remake, and they’re all shot the same… they all look the same," he says "I’m really happy to say that [Final Girl] is very different."

Even though he seems to be wary about sequels, I hope that he'll continue Veronica's vindicating killing spree in a Final Girl 2. She's a different kind of heroine than typically seen, although she's certainly not the first feminist killing machine out for vengeance. Here are some other badass movie females that Veronica probably be friends with.

The Bride From Kill Bill Vol. 1 And Vol. 2 (2003/2004)

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Throughout the two-part movie, she seeks revenge on everyone who's done her wrong... and she gets it.

Hanna From Hanna (2011)

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This is what happens when you train a child from birth to kill bad guys. It's feral, deadly, and pretty awesome.

Jennifer From I Spit On Your Grave (1978)

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When Jennifer heads to the woods so she can focus on her writing, she is tormented, tortured and raped by a group of men. They think she is long gone, but she comes back to get revenge, picking them off one by one. Grave was considered one of the most controversial movies of its time — and it still is kind of hard to watch today. It's pretty brutal, and some call it a misunderstood feminist movie. They tried to remake it in 2010, but it was nothing but gratuitous torture porn. Final Girl definitely pays a better homage.

We can certainly use a lot more women like these in movies, so here's hoping Final Girl 2 happens.

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