What's Michael Garofola's Net Worth? After 'Bachelor In Paradise' He Has Enough For A Nice Engagement Ring

Another late addition has been added to the Bachelor in Paradise cast, and he's very welcome. Michael Garofola has joined Bachelor in Paradise after a not-so-successful run on The Bachelorette with Des. Michael is an attorney from New York who is now living in Houston. Read that as, Michael is doing pretty damn well for himself. So you might be wondering what the Bachelor in Paradise's Michael G.'s net worth is if he's lawyer-ing (official term) all over the country. Well, that would be a really good question, or at least a question that has an answer with a lot of zeroes.

Michael's job during Des' season was "New York Attorney." Since then, Michael has made the move to the south and is practicing general counsel. Don't worry, the fly and fancy New York lifestyle has not left the bright eyes of Michael. In fact, Michael is earning a hell of a lot of money currently. So just how much money does Michael have? While nothing can be confirmed, we can guesstimate just how much his net worth is by looking up the salaries of the positions (according to his LinkedIn) he's held in the past.

Judicial Law Clerk

Michael was a Judicial Law Clerk for one year. The average national salary for that position is $51,000.

Associate At Different Firms

Michael spent a combined three years as an Associate at Davis Polk & Wardwell (two years) and Kobre & Kim, LLP (one year). Davis Polk & Wardwell states on their site that the entry salary for an Associate for the class of 2015 is $160,000 a year. Glassdoor estimates that an Associate at Kobre & Kim, LLC makes $130,000 a year. So for those three years, Michael made an estimated $450,000.

Assistant United States Attorney

For four years, Michael was an Assistant U.S. Attorney. It is estimated that an Assistant U.S. Attorney would earn approximately $130,000 a year. Multiply that by four years, and you're looking at $520,000.

General Counsel

In Houston, Michael began working as General Counsel for a couple of different companies over the past two years. General Counsel salaries can vary — big time — but the national average is $181,000 a year, so let's use that number and multiply it by two years — $360,000.

Net Worth

So how much does that all add up to? If these numbers are remotely right, Michael has a net worth of just about $1.4 million. Not only can that buy a nice Neil Lane engagement ring, but it can also buy a ton of red roses. Just keep that in mind.

Image: Rick Rowell/ABC; Giphy (5)