Jimmy Fallon Will Host 'Tonight Show' Through 2021

by Katherine Cusumano

Jimmy Fallon laughs at his own jokes. It's a taboo of comedy, and it makes him utterly endearing. But he doesn't just laugh at his own jokes — he laughs at everyone's jokes. (He must be great fun at parties.) So it is a great thrill that he will host The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon for at least six more years. Earlier today, NBC's Bob Greenblatt announced that the broadcasting company had extended Fallon's Tonight Show contract through 2021, according to Variety. This attests to his enormous popularity since Fallon took over for Jay Leno last year, likely because the comedian's public persona is notable for its good humor and spirit of camaraderie. In short, he's overwhelmingly positive. Indeed, The Tonight Show is currently the top-rated late-night show, according to Deadline.

Six more years of a nightly show gives us hundreds more episodes and countless more guest stars to look forward to. It's been just more than a year, yet it feels like Fallon has been in the role for far longer. Fallon has delivered enough quotable moments and memorable gags so far to ensure the laughs will continue for the rest of his tenure, so here's a look at the best segments on The Tonight Show so far — and the ones that have me hyped for six more years of Jimmy Fallon as host.

1. Stephen Merchant & Joseph Gordon-Levitt's Lip Sync Battle

What started as a one-off on Fallon's Late Night soon took on a life of its own — Fallon kept the segment when he came on to The Tonight Show, and it has since spawned a separate show of its own (duh, Lip Sync Battle on Spike). One of the first Tonight Show battles was between Stephen Merchant, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and Fallon. Come for the proof that Gordon-Levitt knows all the words to "Superbass," stay for Merchant shimmying to "Single Ladies."

2. Christina Aguilera Channels Cher & Britney Spears

But seriously, the most impressive one is her seamless metamorphosis into Shakira for the Golden Girls theme.

3. Abbi Jacobson & Ilana Glazer Send Fallon Into Stitches

"Hey Fallon," Glazer says, as Fallon cackles. "Truth... Or truth?"

4. Fallon Refuses To Apologize For Donald Trump... As Donald Trump

This might be funnier if it weren't so real, but as it is, it's pretty hilarious. Fallon is widely recognized for his adept caricatures from celebrities to political figures, and I suppose Trump is at the intersection of those categories these days.

5. Fallon & U2 Go Incognito On The New York Subway

With hats, wigs, hoods, and fake facial hair, Bono and the crew played an impromptu set of "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For," complete with aggressive side-eye from onlookers in classic New York style. Midway through, they unveil themselves and launch into "Desire."

6. Justin Timberlake & Fallon Get Bromantic

I aspire to a bromance like that of Fallon and Timberlake. Timberlake appeared on The Tonight Show early on in Fallon's tenure to discuss Christmas episode of Saturday Night Live — and to talk serious cold meds.

7. Tom Cruise Does Meatloaf

I've never been a huge fan of the Mission: Impossible star, but he does "Paradise By The Dashboard Lights" better than Meatloaf ever did. Plus, his clear stage fright at the beginning is really adorable.

8. Bill Hader & Fallon #TBT To Point Pleasant Police Department

Fallon and Hader invented a cop show they co-starred in back in the ’80s for this sketch. There's little policing and a whole lot of spitting food at each other.

There's no word yet as to whether The Roots will continue as the house band for The Tonight Show, but considering they followed him from Late Night to The Tonight Show, we're hoping they're in. There will be at least six more years of Lip Sync Battles, Musical Wheels of Fortune, Hashtags, and Truth or Truths. And considering the long tenures of Fallon's predecessors (Leno for 22 seasons, Johnny Carson for 30), there may be even more to come. But that's for the next decade to decide.