Watch These Grandpas Tell Their Favorite Inappropriate Jokes And Be Oddly Adorable About It — VIDEO

Elite Daily Labs convinced grandpas to tell their favorite inappropriate jokes on camera and they… actually complied. I know, I was a little shocked too. Grandparents will always be the sweet elders we look up to. We love them, we celebrate them on Grandparents Day and when we were kids, they came to our birthday parties and let us eat an extra slice of cake when our parents weren’t looking. Those were the days. But, apparently, according to Elite Daily, our grandparents haven’t been quite as honorable as we thought this entire time. No, no. Behind the need to feed us chocolate, they’ve been cracking a lot of inappropriate jokes all these years.

Watching this video gives me a similar feeling to watching an actor break the fourth wall in a play. It’s just like… can they even do that? It feels wrong, even though it’s entertaining, and often hilarious. But then you still feel sort of uncomfortable and don’t really know how to handle it. Am I making sense here? It'll all be clear after you watch this video.

Anyway, if you’ve ever heard your grandparents tell a slightly ~off color~ joke, this video is going to feel hella familiar. Sit back, relax, and try not to be too appalled at these grandpas and their jokes. Here are a few of the crowd pleasers:

1. Boob Jokes But Not


Like, borderline offensive. (As in, I chuckled but felt really weird about it.)

2. Gardening And Hoes


Predictable, but still a crowd pleaser.

3. Lame Sex Jokes






4. Jumper Cables Jokes


Because someone was bound to make a car joke. It was only a matter of time.

Watch The Full Video For More Questionable Grampa LOLs:

Elite Daily on YouTube

I mean... I'm happy they're happy, I suppose.

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