9 'Batman: The Animated Series' Characters Who Need To Be On Other Shows & Movies

Superhero universes are everywhere these days. You can find your favorite heroes and villains at the movies and on television as well as in the pages of comic books. However, with the recent surge of DC comics, I think it's time that a few of the characters from Batman: The Animated Series get some mainstream glory. The popular '90s series created several Batman characters who can still be seen today, but just as many who've been silent for years.

Whether they're on Arrow, The Flash, the upcoming CBS series Supergirl, or palling around with Batffleck in the new movies, these characters deserve a revival. One of the best things about these new DC universe shows is how they're able to put a fresh coat of paint on the beloved characters for both an old and new audience. The Flash in particular is good at taking silly-sounding comic book characters and making them realistic, while both Gotham and the upcoming Suicide Squad movie gives background histories to the baddies. Bruce Wayne in particular is nothing without his villains, so the more the better. While there's no guarantee of who will make it to the screen next, here are some characters who definitely need some more love!

1. Red Claw

She's perfect for an Arrow episode, don't you think? Actually, why isn't Kate Mulgrew's cartoon character in all the things?

2. Kyodai Ken

The obvious choice would be to put this Japanese Batman: TAS villain on Arrow, which is why I'd rather see him cozy up to the already diverse Suicide Squad.

3. Judge Maria Vargas

Gotham is all about the order of the city before the masked crusader, but less about the law. We've barely touched on the legal system, and the addition of a TAS character like Judge Vargas would be excellent.

4. Veronica Vreeland

Foraesthetics alone, I'd like to see more of the Gotham City upper crust on Gotham. This socialite wouldn't fit in any other universe, and as she once tried to seduce The Penguin, I'd be very interested in her arc on the show.

5. Scarface

Yes, I'm referring to the ventriloquist dummy, as opposed to the actual thug who interacted with other Gotham names such as Harvey Bullock and Renee Montoya. Has he not been in more Batman media because of his name? Actually, a show like The Flash could have a fun time combining him and the puppet Scarface. Metahuman, anyone?

6. Isis The Cat

Perhaps the kitty should have a different name to avoid confusion with the real-world terrorist organization — even though it is pronounced differently. Still, it'd be nice to see Selina on Gotham get a furry friend. Wouldn't you love to see Bruce give the furball a name that's just as intellectual?

7. Rupert Thorne

This is one of the only Gotham City crime bosses to not show their face on the Fox series Gotham, and since he was running the town on the animated series, I'd say it's about time!

8. H.A.R.D.A.C.

H.A.R.D.A.C. is an evil computer made by Dr. Karl Rossum (another character who could benefit from a mainstream appearance). In the aftermath of Avengers: Age of Ultron, I think it might be fun if the Man of Steel-era DC film universe did a totally different spin on the concept of an artificial intelligence.

9. Summer Gleeson

This Gotham City news reporter was a major figure on Batman: TAS, and could figure into any of the current DC universes, really. She could be an associate of Iris on The Flash. She could be a new love interest for Gordon on Gotham, or a precocious classmate for Bruce. The possibilities are endless. So, you know, get on it, new Batmen!

Images: Warner Bros. Television; kane52630/Tumblr (9)