New 'Inside Out' Short Featuring Riley's First Date Is Coming & It Proves This Concept Is So, So Realistic — VIDEO

I'm a sucker for Pixar movies, and Inside Out had me tearing up within the first 10 minutes. (Actually, it had me tearing up long before that.) For those of you who haven't seen it yet, Inside Out is the story of an 11-year-old girl named Riley who moves to San Francisco from the Midwest with her family. Except, that's not really what the film is about: the story is told mostly through the "emotions" living in Riley's head, who are personified as Joy, Sadness, Anger, Disgust, and Fear. Riley's emotional turbulence isn't something to scoff at (moving to a new place can be hard!) but if you thought that her inner life may get a little tougher to navigate as she got older, you were right: Pixar is releasing a new Inside Out short called Riley's First Date , and it proves that her troubles at age 11 may just be the tip of the iceberg.

Even better, it's not just Riley who is struggling to cope with her first solo encounter with a boy. The sneak peek at Riley's First Date gives us a view of not only Riley's brain, but of her parents' heads as well. Riley's parents are not dealing too well with Riley's maybe-date with a boy, and that's a shame, considering how her teenage years aren't going to be a cake walk either.

So how would Inside Out be different if Riley were 16years old instead of 12 years old? The film might be a lot more dramatic, and here's why:

You're In An Adult Body, Not Brain

Puberty usually ends for girls around 16, but that doesn't mean that your "new body" is any less confusing. Joy might love the fact that you can finally fill out a halter top, but Sadness might also remind you that you're growing out of your favorite jeans from Delia's that you bought back in middle school.

School Becomes Way More Important

Anger can take the reigns when you realize that you literally did not learn any of the math on the SAT in any of your high school classes.

Hormones Are Raging, And So Are You

Riley's First Date will barely break the surface of what it's like to want to grab the face of the hot guy next to you in history class when you're too terrified to even talk to him. When it comes to high school romance, every single one of those personified emotions will need to hit a button.

Post-Grad Life Is Always Looming

If college is your plan, you have to deal with the incredibly stressful application process, then the rejection/acceptance phase, and after your body can handle no more thinking of colleges, you have to make your final decision and figure out how you'll pay for it. Fear, it's your turn at bat.

You're Going To Make Your First Really Bad Mistake

You buy a term paper online out of desperation. You get arrested for some dumb prank. You impersonate a famous Italian pop star only to realize you're caught in a scheme to ruin her career. Your teen years are made for making mistakes like that, but it doesn't exactly make it any easier on your emotional well-being.

Here's the first clip of Riley's First Date. Let's hope that her teen years are as smooth sailing as any teen years are allowed to be.

Images: Pixar; Giphy (6)