ModiFace Lets You See How A Dye Job Would Look

by Eliza Florendo

I'm always down to change my hair—so much so that I've done everything from spontaneous short bobs, to asymmetrical cuts, to homemade ombré jobs, but one of the things I haven't tried yet, which I'm dying to do, is go platinum, but err, how would that look exactly? Enter ModiFace and Vidal Sassoon with a new app that lets you see how a particular hair color would look on you without actually taking the plunge. Pretty neat, huh?

ModiFace, a photo editing app, is taking the next step and adding a handful of beauty-related ads. In partnership with the iconic Vidal Sassoon, they've created Find Your VS Shade, which launched on Thursday. It works like you think it would: you upload a photo of yourself, and you can choose from 24 different hair colors to "try" on. And, if you're so inclined, you can share the particular look on your social media outlets.

“We have seen signs that the beauty and especially the hair industry is embracing augmented reality in a significant way,” said Parham Aarabi, chief executive officer of ModiFace, according to WWD. Trying on hair colors is the only logical next step, since we have apps that do everything from change our eye colors, to predict what our babies will look like, and brands like Warby Parker have long implemented the virtual try-on by using a photo of yourself.

While this isn't ModiFace's first iOS app that allows you to check out different hair styles, this one specifically caters to colors. And, it's available for Android users this time!

For someone who wants to change their look nearly everyday, this is definitely a fun app to mess around with. I mean, why not see what I look like with bright red locks? Or finally live out my platinum fantasy (which, to be fair, I already had, after stealing my friend's wig he uses for drag). And if you really think about it, this app is pretty genius. If you happen to stumble on a hair color you have to have, that's a sale, right there. It's only natural that marketing too, catches up with the times.

Brb, going to check myself out with 24 different shades.

Images: @Modifaceinc/Instagram