Experts Confirm Wearing Makeup To The Gym Is Bad

Everyone knows that wearing makeup to the gym isn't necessarily the best thing for your skin, even though chances are, there are still a few girls in your spinning class with some on. But according to the experts, wearing makeup to the gym is bad—with a few exceptions, including lipstick and mineral makeup. Those aside, the negatives associated with wearing makeup while you work up a sweat are finally coming out of someone other than your mothers mouth. So it's really real, now.

Since wearing makeup doesn't really serve a purpose at the gym (other than being hella ~*KuTe*~), experts highly recommend that you don't wear it. Because whether anyone wants to accept it or not, makeup can mess with your body's perspiration process. Basically, it clogs up your pores, which is the worst. "Wearing makeup during a workout creates a perfect environment for bacteria to thrive," Skin and Laser therapist Yvonne Culhane said. "Sweat is very acidic and disturbs the skin’s protective barrier, so waiting too long post workout to clean the skin may lead to issues such as clogged pores and acne." That's right, not only is wearing it to the gym bad, but not washing your face fast enough, post-workout, is also a problem.

And even though that is all pretty depressing, there is good news. Although wearing a full face might not be the best thing for your face, if you simply can't resist, reach for lipstick, eye makeup, or something of the mineral variety. "Mineral makeup is better for the skin as it allows the skin to breathe," Culhane said, "and they usually contain anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory ingredients."

Even though I don't know if lipstick is really the thing to wear while you're constantly wiping sweat off of your face, it's approved! So pucker up and get sweating.

Images: AntonioDiaz/Fotolia