5 Boozy Condiments To Make At Home

I just had a food revelation. I just discovered a whole new realm of condiments — boozy condiments — and guys, we need to talk about it, stat. You're probably wondering how I came to this glorious revelation, imagining which saucy delight brought me to such an awe-inspiring new chapter in life. Let's just say it all started with one simple word: Smorgasburg.

There I was in downtown Manhattan, relaxing at a Seaport Smorgasburg picnic table taking a much-needed break from the city jungle sun, enjoying a refreshing Sapporo lager while anxiously awaiting my ramen burger. Having already indulged in the meaty umami-filled delights that are the OG Ramen Burger and the Sloppy Sapporo Miso Ramen Burger, I decided to take a walk on the lighter side and try out chef Keizo Shimamoto's Veggie Mushroom Ramen Burger, which offers up a hearty serving of sautéed mushrooms in place of the more traditional beef patty. The savory mushroom medley is topped with scallions and fresh arugula, and is then sandwiched between two crispy ramen noodle buns smothered in a homemade Sapporo-infused aioli. That's right, I said Sapporo aioli, as in, a rich and creamy blend of lager, mayo, and dijon mustard. Revelatory, right?

So this ramen burger-induced, mind-blowing condimental experience got me thinking: I love booze and I love condiments. Why not take a page out of Shimamoto's book, and start putting my two favorites together more often, at home, in my own kitchen? Seriously, it's that easy. Got ketchup? Add bourbon. Love mustard? Add a splash of amber ale for a more complex flavor. I could go on and on, but since the world of condiments is vast (thank god), I've decided to start with the basics. Below, I've included five booze-infused condiment recipes that are sure to make your next meal so memorable, you'll just have to talk about it, stat.

1. Amber Aioli

Give your side of mayo an extra kick by adding dijon mustard, fresh garlic cloves, and amber beer. Get this quick and easy recipe from Betty Crocker.

2. Maple-Bourbon Ketchup

If you have tastebuds, chances are you've noticed that mass-produced store-bought ketchup is like 70 percent sugar, 25 percent high fructose corn syrup, and, if you're lucky, five percent tomatoes. Go au naturel with this maple syrup-sweetened homemade ketchup, and then take your ketchup to the next level with a splash of bourbon. Follow this step-by-step recipe via the Food Network.

3. Spicy Beer Mustard

Call to action: Go in to your fridge, pick up that two-year-old squeeze bottle of yellow mustard, and promptly throw it out. Because once you lay eyes on Brauhaus Schmitz chef Jeremy Nolen's doppelbock-infused spicy beer mustard, you'll never go back to that squeeze bottle. Follow his step-by-step recipe, courtesy of Food & Wine.

4. Tequila Jalapeño Hot Sauce

Add a little boozy kick to your fish tacos with this homemade hot sauce, which calls for an ounce of tequila, and no less than 20 fresh jalapeños. Follow Tasty Kitchen's booze-infused recipe here — and feel free to drink as you cook.

5. Champagne Glitter Jam

No, your eyes are not playing tricks on you. I said champagne glitter jam, as in, strawberries, champagne, and edible glitter. Get the (fabulous) five-ingredient recipe from Baking Mad.

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Images: jeffreyw, David Kosmos Smith, Karen, Sirah Quyyom/Flickr; Fotolia