Sonia Kashuk Will Launch A Skincare Line At Target

Sonia Kashuk is a professional makeup artist with a passion for good products, but it wasn't until she launched her line at Target that she became a household name. Her makeup and brush collection there has a cult following. Cue the freakout, because Sonia Kashuk is launching a skincare line at Target.

We already know that Kashuk's Target line is full of practical and fun products that don't break the bank. She was one of the first makeup artists to pick up on the trend of designing lines for midlevel retailers, so this skincare line is bound to be great. Three of the four products in the line will hit stores in August, and the last will launch in November.

The first products in her line are the Detox Purifying Face Mask, Renew Micro Exfoliating Toner and the Resurface Gentle Exfoliating Wash. Add a makeup remover to that, and Kashuk's line will basically fulfill all your skincare needs at a ridiculously low price. All the products will retail for less than $16.

"We're introducing a few novelty items that I think are amazing and work well," Kashuk said, according to POPSUGAR. "It's about making great product that looks chic at a great price and performance, of course."

The fourth product in Kashuk's line, which will launch later, is a gel-to-oil makeup remover. As someone who hates the oily residue that makeup remover leaves everywhere, I can't wait to try one with a different texture. Kashuk's line at Target already has a makeup remover, but I'm excited to try the new formula.

Although Kashuk's profession involves putting makeup on, she wanted to create this line to emphasize how important a great canvas is.

"It's all about skin purity," she said. "Pull it all out and leave it in the best shape possible."

Considering how great her products already are, I can't wait to try out the latest items.