Iggy Azalea Lip Sync Battles Fiancé Nick Young

by Keertana Sastry

It's the first ever couple battle on Spike TV's hit series Lip Sync Battle. Rapper Iggy Azalea squared off against fiancee and athlete Nick Young and things got pretty personal pretty fast. Neither significant other through dirty shots at each other, the battle remained pretty loving, but we learned some things I don't know if I wanted to know about Iggy or Young. But despite all the love in the room, Iggy Azalea won Lip Sync Battle over her fiancé using her performance skills on a classic R&B jam from the 90s and some ahem... rather PG-13 rated dancing. In fact, even Nick Young was jealous that Iggy's moves didn't translate to their bedroom. See? I told you, too much personal information was left on that stage.

It seemed like the competition was pretty evenly matched up in the first round when Iggy Azalea performed Wheatus' hit song from 2000 "Teenage Dirtbag," and Young fired back with a more modern hit, Maroon 5's "Sugar." In fact, if anyone took Round 1, it was probably Young who cleverly pandered to his audience by taking off his jacket in a suggestive manner and dedicated his performance to his own "sugar." Very cute. Very smart. But he was destined to go down when Azalea opened up Round 2 with Silk's "Freak Me."

Azalea took the song and performance seriously. Like really seriously. She gyrated on the floor, pulled some crotch pointing moves like the men from Silk and even had a screen behind her which lit up with silhouettes of female dancers moving suggestively to the song. It was straight out of the books of Silk and, as Lip Sync Battle host LL Cool J pointed out, old-time Bobby Brown. This was pure retro freak music and Azalea worked the crowd and her performance as expected, being a rapper and performer herself and all. Nick Young commented that Azalea never "humped the floor like that at home," which made LL Cool J's eyes bulge out of his head further than I've ever seen on a human. Young couldn't take the battle back with his commendable but relatively lackluster performance of "Here I Go Again." This was Iggy's Lip Sync Battle belt for the taking and that is exactly what she did.

Images: Scott Gries/Spike TV