Here's How To Steal Gigi Hadid's Coral Lip Look

Coral lips are such a signpost of summer. A citrus-y lip color is just so fresh and zingy. Gigi Hadid's coral lip look from her W cover spread is bright, yet soft and matte, and proves that we shouldn't be saying goodbye to summer-y shades any time soon. Coral lips are actually a look you can actually carry deep into September, especially if you are trying to cling to to the last vestiges of summer, your tan, or live in a warmer climate. It's insanely wearable — and even better, it's easy to copy.

Corals come in a variety of shades and tones, so no matter what your style is, you can make the color work. If bright, bold lip colors intimidate you, you may want to opt for a more subtle shade. But if you're like me and love an in-your-face lip color, then there are tons of options as well. Play around with different shades until you find your favorite, and you'll discover just how versatile coral lips really are.

Hadid's look in particular is super bright, but there's a softness to it, since it's not perfectly painted and because her lips are parted in the image. It could be the lighting, as well. Have a look at the supermodel's lips and then check out these three comparable options.

Yes, it's another sultry shot of Gigi, indeed. Pro tip: Since coral adds a punch of color, it's usually best when paired with a minimal, dewy look.

If you're loving the coral look as much as I am, here are three shades to get you started.

1. NARS Satin Lipstick In Casablanca

This is such a beautiful and universal coral and looks so similar to Gigi's. Two or three swipes works to make an opaque wash, but if you want to really take it up a notch, go with five or six swipes. Just blot after you apply, so the color lasts all day.

Nars Satin Lipstick In Casablanca, $27,

2. Maybelline Color Sensational Creamy Matte Lip Color In Craving Coral

It's a strong shade in the bullet. But you can blot and mute it as much as you want to achieve your desired effect.

Maybelline Color Sensational Creamy Matte Lip Color In Craving Coral, $7.99,

3. Chanel Rouge Coco In Sari Dore

It's pricy, but it's Chanel, so the texture is divine. Plus, if you want to commit to coral, an ultra moisturizing formula is essential since this shade guarantees people will be looking at your lips! Make sure you are exfoliated and flake-free, then proceed to paint your mouth with this lipstick.

Chanel Rouge Coco In Sari Dore, $36,

These are three corals that can get you started in your quest to mimic Gigi Hadid's coral lip look in W. Play with a lip brush, liner, exfoliator, and blot accordingly so you can dial this shade up or down in accordance with your mood.

Images: Courtesy Brands (3)