5 Reasons Gwyneth Paltrow Would Be The Best Holiday Party Guest Ever

Jennifer Aniston threw a fabulous, star-studded holiday bash over the weekend that had one thing we should all be a little envious about — Gwyneth Paltrow, the Goop queen herself, was in attendance with her husband, Coldplay frontman, Chris Martin. (Well, and also super-cool Courteney Cox and her new boyfriend Snow Patrol's Johnny McDaid.) Paltrow and Aniston have more than just an ex (Brad Pitt) in common, you should be ashamed of yourself if you thought they were only getting together to gossip — the A-list actresses share a mutual friend in Iron Man star Robert Downey Jr. and a publicist, as well as a love for entertaining, apparently. E! News reported that Aniston has hosted her holiday soiree for the past three years at her vast estate in Bel Air, Calif. and that it's her "favorite party of the year and something she looks forward to."

Apparently, Jen is a party perfectionist, which might mean she's been reading one too many newsletters from Gwen's meticulously curated lifestyle site Goop. But if Gwen's around, there's no need to fear. Here's why having Ms. Paltrow at your party is the best decision one could make.

She'd Bring The Best Hostess Gift Ever

Your own personal Turkish bath? Sure! And she'll even help you install it. Paltrow, whose Goop gift guides are famously outlandish, would undoubtably show up with something a little more impressive than a bottle of wine. She also knows that hangovers happen, especially around the holidays, and a hot-cold spa treatment is her cure of choice. We're sure she wouldn't think twice about helping out the party's host to have the ideal experience in their own at-home Turkish bath (that she helped build, don't forget that).

She'd Make Sure People Socialized

Paltrow championed Nora Ephron on Goop for her ability to keep conversation going over the course of a dinner party without any awkward lulls, so there's no doubt that she'd do the same at your party. She also knows everyone, Paltrow's almost as famous for her acting as she is for her legions of famous friends. There will be at least one person she knows at your party and she's well versed in Ephron's conversational tactics ("An Affair To Remember versus A Dirty Dozen?" ringing any bells?) so while you're tending to the kitchen, she'll have it covered.

She'd Ask About Your Decor And Recipes

Out of kindness or out of a desire to feature them on the next "Do"/"Make" post on Goop, she'll make you feel like an incredible host. Gwen loves a good DIY almost as much as a good recipe and if you've got both going on at your party (yes, we're talking about your homemade wreath) she'll probably ask about it.

She'd Tell Someone Off For Being A Bad Guest

Paltrow organized a full-scale boycott of Vanity Fair when they announced that they'd be running an unflattering story about her, with or without her cooperation... and the boycott worked. She also made some no-filter comments about last year's MET ball in regard to the venue being overheated. Chances are, if a guest is rude, she's got your back. Paltrow cares about etiquette (even if she doesn't follow it herself sometimes) and she'll let people know. Especially if they didn't let you know about their dietary restrictions prior to the event, that's a big no-no.

She'd Get Drunk With You

Remember when Gwen told the world that she "drank like crazy" when her kids were young just to get through the day? Well, she definitely knows a thing or two about party stresses so we're sure she'd be in the kitchen, cracking open that expensive bottle of wine another guest brought for you, and getting drunk after the last course is served. She's been more than vocal about her love for wine and judging by her in-depth post on hangover cures, she's seen plenty of painful mornings. She'll be the most fun drunk party guest that totally wouldn't judge you for having an extra glass or three when no one's looking.