4 Slogans For Al Gore In Case He Runs For Prez

by Elizabeth King

Supporters of the environmentalist former veep have been whispering among themselves about wanting Al Gore to run for office again, and BuzzFeed News reported Thursday that a senior Democrat was aware that Gore supporters are "figuring out if there’s a path financially and politically" for him. However, Gore spokesperson Betsy McManus denied these rumors, telling Politico on Thursday: "There’s no truth to it. He’s laser-focused on solving the climate crisis." But come on, what better way would there be to push for climate change policy in the U.S. than to be president? But before we get ahead of ourselves thinking about the man as president, let's think about something a little more light-hearted: Gore would need a great new campaign slogan.

Another chance for a Gore White House would certainly shake up the Democrat side of this presidential race, with only Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders registering with any significance in the polls, adding a second (counting Clinton as the first) beloved but decidedly less controversial Dem could push the election conversation in new directions, and challenge candidates from both sides to answer questions they haven't had to take very seriously yet, particularly environmental issues.

In 2000, Gore ran with the slogan: "Leadership for the New Millennium," but if he's going to run again, I'd like to see him punch things up a bit. Here are some ideas I've cooked up for a Gore 2016 campaign.

More Gore? Oh, Sure!


Because I mean, why not? And people always love a good rhyme, so this would add a little pizzazz and counter criticisms that Gore has a boring personality.

Give America The Candidate They Asked For 16 Years Ago.


I think as long as generations who voted Democrat in 2000 are alive, there will be extreme bitterness over Gore's loss to George W. Bush in the 2000 election. Gore won the popular vote, but Bush sealed the deal with the electoral college.

Go Green, Go Gore.


Gore has a decades-long history of environmental activism, winning the Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts to combat climate change in 2007. As climate change becomes an increasingly large concern, Gore can appeal to his very strong record working to protect the environment.

Things Are Bad, But They'd Be Worse If I Hadn't Invented The Internet.

TIM SLOAN/AFP/Getty Images

While Gore never actually claimed to invent the Internet, he's been famously misquoted as saying as much for well over a decade. I say he should take advantage of it and use the misquote to call attention to his real accomplishments.