16 Times Luke Hemmings' Lip Ring Stole The Show

To know me is to know my obsession with Luke Hemmings' lip ring. Just doing a Google search of the keywords "Luke Hemmings lip piercing" leads to a disproportionate number of articles embarrassingly written by me — or at least the fangirl in me who inexplicably finds the 5 Seconds of Summer frontman's lip ring to be attractive AF. Fortunately for my sanity (or what's left of it seeing as I am writing an entire feature about my thirst for the 19-year-old's facial piercing), I am not the only fan with this ~deep~ and ~real~ infatuation. The lip ring is a prominent obsession in the fandom (whew!), and it has, in fact, stolen the show on many occasions. And since it is literally my job to find these instances and deliver them to the fans, that is exactly what I am about to do.

Obviously, the best part about watching a 5SOS performance is literally everything, from the guys' palpable energy to their killer guitar riffs and Ashton Irwin's powerful drumming. (Um, plus their voices and faces and matching black skinny jeans and everything else in between). But then, without even knowing it, you'll find yourself staring at the probably-purchased-at-Hot-Topic piece of jewelry in the corner of Hemmings' mouth and it has won you over yet again. Though I can't exactly explain what it is about the piercing that makes it so mesmerizing (besides the fact that it automatically makes him a total badass), here are 16 times that Luke Hemmings' lip ring has made you a believer.

1. When He Sang The First Line Of "She's Kinda Hot"

You know the one. The lip ring compliments the word "bitchin'" very well.

2. When It Was So Stunning That Even Calum Was Entraced By Its Beauty

Calum is me.

3. When They Performed On Jimmy Kimmel & The Lip Ring Was Live On National Television

Think all of those girls were screaming for the band? No. It was all for the piercing.

4. When 5SOS Performed "Teenage Dream" & Luke Sang The Word "Funchline"

And Calum made fun of him for it. (The lip ring didn't mind.)

5. When It Helped Luke Give The Best Thumbs-Up Ever

Two thumbs for dat piercing tho.

6. When "Don't Stop" Was Its Anthem


7. When It Peeked Out In His Smile

If you thought this was just gonna be a GIF of Luke Hemmings' sea green eyes, you're wrong.

8. When It Was Officially Introduced To The World Via The "She Looks So Perfect" Music Vid

And life was never the same again.

9. When Not Even Those Dimples Or That Adorable Eyeroll Cold Distract The World From The Piercing

God bless its prominence.

10. When Luke Was Being Measuered But The Lip Ring Was Staring You Right In The Face

Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Who cares about the height of Luke's hair when you have his lip piercing on hand, helloooo.

11. When It Got Drenched In Slime

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Along with the rest of 5SOS.

12. When It Was More Important Than Eating Chinese Food With Ashton

And there is barely anything that is more important than eating Chinese with Ashton.

13. When Fans Wished They, Too, Could Wake Up With Amnesia

Just to be introduced to the lip ring all over again.

14. When It Posed With A Fan

Ryan Pierse/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images



Ryan Pierse/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

*breathes into paper bag*

16. And Then Kissed Us All. Every Last One Of Us.

The end.

Images: 5 Seconds of Summer/YouTube (1); Giphy (10)