What Has Josh Peck Been Up To?

The 2015 Teen Choice Awards are coming up on Sunday, and one of the ceremony's hosts is someone we've all grown up with on screen. Where has Josh Peck been since Drake and Josh and The Amanda Show (and also never forget Snow Day)? Working hard in Hollywood, that's where. He'll host alongside Ludacris and Jane the Virgin's Gina Rodriguez. His upcoming Fox series might have given him a home turf advantage, but Josh Peck has not been that far out of sight since he ruled Nickelodeon with Drake Bell and Amanda Bynes.

Sometimes Nickelodeon and Disney stars don't fly far from the nest, but Josh Peck is not one of those guys. He's not a breakout star but he's always acting and that's respectable. His Nickelodeon roles could have defined his entire career, but that hasn't happened. He has had a steady stream of television guest appearances, film roles, and public appearances. While he hasn't taken on any directing projects since his stint on Drake and Josh in 2007, he is super popular on Vine. Those creative and comedy muscles are being stretched in all directions! However, as for his acting career, here are a few places where you have seen and will see Josh Peck around.

Hanging With John Stamos

Their new show Grandfathered debuts on Fox this fall. Josh Peck plays Stamos' son and father to his granddaughter. Unconventional families are familiar territory for both of them, so it should be fun!

Making History

Earlier this year, Josh Peck appeared in the film Danny Collins, which is inspired by a true story about a folk singer named Steve Tilston who found a letter written to him by John Lennon. Peck will also play Charles Bukowski in a biopic written and directed by James Franco.

The Mindy Project

He played Ray Ron, Tamra's often talked about but rarely seen boyfriend. I don't know about you, but I never recognized him (I think because of the hats) and now my mind is kind of blown.

Ice Age

Peck continues to lend his voice to the character Eddie for video games, sequels, and short films. He also voices "Casey Jones" in the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle series. See? Even if you haven't seen his face, you've definitely heard him.

Images: tvgal2020/Tumblr (2)