The Most Popular Shoe Styles By Country Are...

by Renata Certo-Ware

Style around the world may vary, but one thing is certain: We all love shoes. Australian DIY shoe-design brand (yes, such a thing does exist!) Shoes of Prey has figured out which shoe styles are most popular in countries across the globe, and the results are seriously fascinating.

The site has over 1 million registered customers, and the brand's unique model, which lets shoppers design their own shoes from the ground up, so to speak, means that they're definitely privvy to what women really want. Think about it: Instead of shopping from a selection of shoes that a buyer has picked out months before, Shoes of Prey lets women customize everything from heel height to trim. Shoppers can score shoes that really reflect their own personal style, not just what's on trend, which has the potential to offer up perhaps the truest representation of what's in style.

Overall, the most popular shoe across the board is — ready? — a black stiletto. Hey, it may not make it into the Carrie Bradshaw Hall of Fame, but it's a totally reasonable investment piece!

After the trusty staple, ladies in Australia opted for flats, while Irish stuck to the stiletto theme and Mexican women preferred wedges.

Read on for a breakdown by country:


One word for Aussie ladies: Flats. And they mean business. Shoppers from Oz mostly created styles with ankle straps and buckles. For color scheme, tan and leopard-print reigned (hey, leopard is considered by some to be a neutral!).


Talk about particular taste. While there is a wide array of styles shipped off to Canada, they do seem to have a soft spot for double d'Orsay-backed heels, printed silk, and patent leather.


For Brits, the more glitter, the better! "The country has the strongest relative use of silver glitter, as well as a preponderance of red and gold glitter." In terms of style, a slingback is a go-to, and they're equal-opportunists for round- and pointed-toe silhouettes.


It's all about the wedge for Mexican chicas. The highest heels, a staggering 5.8 inches, are designed by Shoes of Prey's Mexican shoppers. Also interesting? They don't go for neutrals: Red and silver glitter is the predominant fave.


Not surprisingly, there's a ton of variety here, as in Canada. Mary Jane straps are having a major moment, as is satin. Maybe we just really, really miss Mad Men. (And indeed, Mad Men costume designer Janie Bryant did design a capsule collection for Shoes of Prey: Newspaper print and silver glitter are big, too.

Head over to Mashable to see what Japan, New Zealand, and Ireland are into, and if you're feeling inspired, try your hand (and feet) at creating your own pair at Shoes of Prey.

Images: @shoesofprey/Instagram