Dianna Agron Is Proud Of Her Pale Complexion

Body positivity includes celebrating healthy skin and, if you're anything like me, healthy skin means pale skin. PopSugar revealed celebs are taking this stance, too. Dianna Agron is proud of her pale complexion, saying that her beauty routine involves not only taking care of pale skin, but totally flaunting it.

Agron spilled her tips on the perfect healthy skin, aging gracefully, and her secret beauty weapon. The best part? Every single tip is packed with advice and body acceptance and confidence. Love this girl and what she is promoting! #RoleModelLikeWhoa

Even though the Glee days have ended, this talented gal has managed to stay busy. She's working on several films, and even hit the stage in May for an Alexander McQueen play. Though her profession requires glamour, her standard routine is anything but complicated. Her beauty strategy is a breeze for anyone to follow!

1. Pale Is Perfect, So Slather On SPF

It's no surprise Agron loves sunscreen, but she doesn't waste her time with SPF 15. The star said, "You have to use like SPF 110. I know they say it doesn’t work past 50 or 70 — it doesn’t work, but the higher, the better. Always reapply." And as for why she opts for such high SPF, Agron shared, "I personally never want to be tan for the sake of not protecting [my] skin ... I think it’s so much sexier to be pale and to be health conscious." Amen to that.

2. Age Is Beauty

In a world where wrinkles and turning 30 are feared, Agron doesn't conform. On her big upcoming birthday, she told PopSugar, "The older I get, the more sexy I feel and the more I know myself ... I hate the phrase, 'you look great for your age.' We don’t need to be defined by age so much anymore. Age is kind of a gift. You know more, you’ve traveled more, and you’ve done more things."

3. Her Secret Beauty Weapon Is Simple

Brace yourselves for a shocker: it's water. The celeb is a total H2O addict, claiming her most important beauty hack is just to drink "a lot of water and [use] hydrating products." Her favorite is the Dermamask, because "it immediately changes your skin and the way that your makeup sets on it." It's also a breeze to make your own DIY face mask to pair with a big ol' glass of water.

Image Credit: Jason Merrit/Getty; Dianna Agron/Instragram