7 Best Meet Cutes In 2015 Films So Far

Admit it: Every time you hear a story about a couple who met in a ridiculously sweet, written-for-a-movie type way, your heart melts a little. Even though your views on romance change as you get older, there's something timeless about a good meet cute — especially in the movies. Luckily for romance fans, so far, 2015 has given us a bevy of films with unforgettable meet cutes. Let's relive them, shall we?

One of the best aspects of a meet-cute is that not only is it unexpected and usually pretty original, but it's also kind of perfect for the couple themselves. It's a reflection of their relationship, which makes sense, seeing as it's the starting point for a love story. (Okay, I'll try to keep the sappiness under control. It will definitely be a challenge.)

2015 gave us a wide range of movies, including everything from steamy romance (AKA Fifty Shades of Grey) to chemistry-driven comedy (I'm looking at you, Trainwreck) to teenage love (oh, hey, Paper Towns.) The launching pad for all of these stories happens to some seriously memorable meet cutes. Here's seven of 2015's best movie meet cutes — so far — for all of the hopeless romantics.

1. Trainwreck

Amy Schumer's character meets a sports doctor, admits that she thinks less of people who like sports — and still sweeps Bill Hader off of his feet.

2. Paper Towns

We don't technically see Margo and Q meet, but she was the girl next door, and that's officially the meet cute to end meet cutes. Even though the pair never officially got together, this gets a mention because of the romantic nature of their story.

3. The Longest Ride

Sophia catches Luke's hat and sparks fly. Seriously, just check out his gaze.

4. Fifty Shades Of Grey

Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey meet while she's covering a newspaper story for her friend. Not only does fate intervene, but he ends up interviewing her. We all know what happens next.

5. Age Of Adaline

Ellis was so taken with Adaline upon meeting her that he unnecessarily took the elevator to spend 27 floors with her. Swoon.

6. Cinderella

Prince Charming swooping in to save a damsel in distress? Cinderella's meet cute never gets old.

7. Accidental Love

Given the nature of this comedy, it's not surprising that Jessica Biel's waitress and Jake Gyllenhaal's politician characters unexpectedly fall in love after she comes to him for help.

Image: Universal