Kristen's Adrogynous Looks Will Inspire Your Style

When it comes to fashion, androgyny couldn’t be any cooler at the moment, and with Kristen Stewart’s most recent androgynous outfit, that statement was never more true. Stepping out in a cropped and boxy collared shirt, A-line shorts that stopped at her knees, and a pair of loafers, she wins the gender-skewing style award, if you ask me.

From her short haircut down to the shoes, she’s doing the whole androgynous wardrobe thing so well. Leave it to her to be cooler than cool; I would expect nothing less, personally. This outfit stays completely on-trend because all of the pieces could work as unisex items.

Stewart’s ensemble is super easy to replicate at a low price point, so get ready to rock these same pieces because you’re going to want every single part of this outfit. Get inspired by her minimal, non-gender-specific, and ultra stylish look, then get ready to load up that virtual shopping cart — you’re not going to be able to resist!

You've got to love the shape of this crop top.

Her entire look is on point.

Yep, that's what head to toe perfection looks like.

Now, copy this amazing outfit!

Collared Shirt

Crossing Line Crop Blouse, $48,

Tribal Print Chambray Shirt, $24.90,


Shorts In Grid Check, $28.66,

Linen A-Line Shorts, $25.08,


Monk Strap Loafer, $59,

Novak Floral Shoe, $135,

Fringed Faux Patent Loafers, $24.90,

Images: Courtesy Brands (7)