Get Zendaya's Gorgeous Printed Blazer For Less

by Lauren Turner

Every time I pick out a new jacket, I always end up buying something neutral because I think that's the easiest route for future outfits. But Zendaya's printed blazer has once again proven to me that I have no idea what I'm talking about. And that she definitely does. The colorful piece was perfect for the fresh-faced star, and she rocked it the only way she knew how: casually.

And I'm not talking about sweatpants casual. I feel like anytime Zendaya wears something, she does it in this effortlessly cool way. Remember when she showed Harpers a little of her style and wore sneakers in the shoot? I mean, only a few other women can make Pumas look that hot (hello, Rihanna). And even though she was "making big moves in high heeled shoes," with this blazer look, she didn't leave out her quintessential touches. Straight from Vivienne Westwood — and not even available for purchase yet — Zendaya didn't just throw on the blazer. Of course, she wore the whole set, matching pants included. But instead of going with the usual button-up underneath, a loose gray tee made the look complete. And that's exactly what I'm talking about when I say "casual."

To make the outfit even more badass, she carried this adorable little black bag. The structure of the bag, which reminded me of a hat box with a handle, added the perfect contrast to the colorfully funky print of the blazer and pant set. Altogether, it just worked.

So if you're feeling like me and you must get your hands on a printed blazer, ASAP, here are four cheaper (and available) options for you to snatch up.

The Floral Printed Blazer

For a beautifully done floral print, this blazer is a must have. It almost looks like a watercolor picture, and I mean that in the best way possible. Plus, it's on sale, so enough said.

(Wolf & Whistle Blazer in Spring Bloom Floral Print, $46.58,

Collarless Tweed Blazer

Although I can't necessarily picture wearing tweed in the summer, this cropped blazer is adorable. The combination of the modern print and contrasting trim makes it an automatic eye-catcher.

(RACHEL Rachel Ray Collarless Tweed Blazer, $81.99,

Green Birds Blazer

This blazer gives the same kind of movement that Zendaya gets from hers. The unstructured pockets and collar would go perfectly with anything underneath. And the print just makes me want to have tea somewhere.

(Green Chic Ladies Bird Printed Chic Blazer, $29.64,

Asymmetrical Blazer

I am obsessed with this jacket. Even though my boyfriend described it as "hideous," I want it. In order to keep the busyness to just the jacket, I would wear it with all black and no jewelry.

(Dance & Marvel Printed Blazer, $59.95,

Images: Asos; Macy's; Pink Queen; Buckle