Stop Your Workout From Giving You Wrinkles

Everyone goes to the gym to try to maintain a healthy lifestyle, and to combat all of the pizza that gets eaten in life. So finding out that your workout could give you wrinkles made me really glad that I don't even workout anymore. Because who would've thought that working up a sweat could potentially work up some wrinkles that you were also already trying to avoid? Luckily, this mysterious problem has been recognized as a thing and there are ways to avoid it — one of which is not to stop working out (my idea).

Even though when you're at the gym, you may not take notice of every muscle that's moving, you should start. And according to Jamie Sherrill, RN, the first place you should be checking is your neck. Since there are two major muscles in your neck that run all the way up into your face (around the frown line region), whenever you work those muscles, it affects the skin on your face. And if you're straining those muscles in your neck, the same looseness associated with wrinkles may occur on your face. Scary, I know. Because if I try to think about the number of times my neck has been strained, I can't even put a number on it. So in order for you to reduce this chance, start paying attention to what you're doing when your neck muscles get pulled. And while you're in the mirror, you might as well take a gym selfie.

Once you've recognized the moves that make your neck strain, make sure to check your form in the mirror, and adjust as needed. Being aware of those muscles is the best way to prevent wrinkles down the line.

Image: Fotolia