Try These 5 Morning Mantras Of Successful People

by Carina Wolff

Some people are fortunate enough to be able to wake up as soon as the sun starts shining, springing out of bed with a vivacious energy, ready to kick butt and conquer the world. Morning mantras of successful people are sometimes key to giving people the extra boost they need to conquer the day. While the rest of us might hit our snooze button a few times, begrudgingly get out of bed, and head straight to the espresso machine before feeling ready to take on the day, successful people have their mantras and game plans already set and ready to go. Though it might seem effortless for some to begin their mornings with a sense of power and urgency, many successful people actually kick themselves into gear by beginning with a motivating morning mantra.

"Morning mantras are an extremely important ritual because they set the tone for the day, in whichever direction you'd like to guide it," says Pax Tandon, Positive Psychology Expert, Wellness Coach and Editor of to Bustle over email. "So you can imagine that if you start your day with negative thoughts, stress, frustration, that is how your day will progress-in negativity, stress and frustration, because this is how you have primed your brain."

According to Forbes, there have been studies that show that simple mindfulness meditation, including repeating a mantra, can reduce stress, improve focus, and even fight against aging. With these benefits, it's no wonder so many successful people begin their day with this morning routine. To help give you an idea of what you should be telling yourself each morning, I've gathered a list of five morning mantras that many successful people utilize at the start of their day to make the most of their lives.

1. "I am thankful for..."

"Being mindful of those things in your life that you're grateful for, and meditating upon them not only fills your brain and body with happy chemicals, it attracts more of the same to you," says Tandon. "This is the law of attraction in action, and a practice of some of the planet's most successful individuals including Oprah Winfrey and other celebrities."

Every morning, Patrick Sweeney, Adventure TV host, world-record mountain biker, and tech founder, starts his day with a 10-minute meditation that includes expressing gratitude. He says, "I am grateful for all I am given," and pictures his family, friends, opportunities, and things.

Studies have found that showing gratitude can help improve your life in areas including relationships, physical health, mental health, and even sleep.

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2. "Today, my intention is..."

Maybe you've heard it at the start of your yoga class, but setting an intention helps guide the purpose of your actions, while a goal is the end result you desire. Simply starting your day with, "My intention for today is..." can help serve as a reminder of what you are trying to do and where you're trying to go. "You can quickly move yourself from a place of low energy and low inspiration to an inspired and high energy state, simply through directing your intention and connecting to words that empower you," says Lyndelle Palmer, founder of Dailygreatness, over email.

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3. "This is good because..."

"I often ask myself the question, 'What's good about this?' especially if I run into challenges," Wellness Coach Bliss Wood tells Bustle in an email. "This simple inquiry can effortlessly change my perspective from negative to positive, and I also incorporate this question into the sessions with my clients. When my clients' perspectives change to a more positive outlook, they too, can see more creative solutions to their own challenges."

Having an optimistic attitude has been linked to a better mood, diminished reaction to stress, and even an increased immune system.

4. "I see myself doing..."

Research has found that visualizing yourself doing something activates similar areas in the brain to when you actually perform that activity, so mental rehearsal is an important technique for reaching your goals. "The mind thinks in pictures, not words," says journalist and author Alicia Young over email. "I close my eyes, and picture the life I want (or the scenario I want to continue). Rather than passively picture something, I infuse the image with other senses: what sights and sounds go with the image? Where am I? What surrounds me?"

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5. "I am worthy because..."

Mario Tama/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Successful people know what they are capable of, and remind themselves of what they can achieve daily.

"Each morning, I repeat mantras that include, 'I have the ability and resources to solve any problems that may arise while supporting me and my family through my private practice,'" says Kara Ashley-Gilmore, MPS, LPCA, owner of Mountain Creative Arts Counseling. "I believe that if you think and say something often enough, eventually you start to believe it," says Ashley-Gilmore. "It's a confidence boost."

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