Recasting 'The Baby-Sitters Club' Movie For 2015

During my childhood, I proudly had a huge collection of Baby-Sitters Club books, particularity the Mallory Pike books (I liked seeing my name in print). So imagine my utter excitement when the movie version of the Ann M. Martin novel series came out in 1995. Alas, The Baby-Sitters Club movie came out 20 years ago, but what would the cast look like with today's teen actors? The cast of the 90s flick definitely reflects the time period — future She's All That star Rachael Leigh Cook played Mary Ann Spier, The Secret World of Alex Mack's Larisa Oleynik played Dawn Schaffer, and Full House's Marla Sokoloff played the evil Cokie Mason. But who would round out a 2015 cast.

New York Times critic Caryn James wrote in the newspaper in 1995: "The actors suit their characters neatly and naturally. Schuyler Fisk is especially good as Kristy, the film's gap-toothed, strong-willed narrator." But 20 years later, a whole new crop of teen actors and actresses are up and coming in Hollywood and would be perfect for an updated version of the movie and book series. Can you imagine the BSC with cell phones and texting? And I bet junk food lover Claudia Kishi would get a real kick out of instant food ordering through GrubHub, Eat24, and Seamless.

Here's who I think might star in a theoretical 2015 version of The Baby-Sitters Club. And for argument's sake, let's say the BSC is 16 rather than 13 years old.

Cara Delevingne As Stacey McGill

The Paper Towns star would be perfect as the wise-beyond-her-years Stacey, who also happens to be a math whiz, have diabetes, and be the first of the BSC to be boy-crazy. If anyone can handle that all, it's Delevingne.

Lucy Hale As Mary-Ann Spier

Mary-Ann has always had an innocence and naivete to her and the Pretty Little Liars actress could definitely pull that off.

Greer Grammer As Dawn Schaffer

The Awkward actress does flighty so well on MTV's Awkward that she would definitely fit as the West Coast native Dawn, who is also environmentally conscious and totally laid back.

Kathryn Prescott As Kristy Thomas

Prescott holds her own as the headstrong title character of MTV's Finding Carter and she could step into the role as headstrong, bossy BSC president Kristy with no problem.

Kelsey Chow As Claudia Kishi

This Disney Channel actress from Pair of Kings would make a great junk-food fiend Claudia, who also loved fashion and having her own phone line, but hated math.

Amandla Stenberg As Jessi Ramsey

You know her as Rue from The Hunger Games, but Stenberg fit as the young dancer Jessi.