Britney Spears' "Perfume" Video Is Vintage Lovelorn Spears With Some Crafty Product Placement

Britney Spears may be in some hot water (or at least lukewarm water) with the gay community due to her "somewhat girls" comments, but she's still Britney Spears, and as history has shown it takes a hell of a lot more than that to drag her down. She's still got it, and she's setting out to prove she can moan out a ballad nowadays just as well as she could in the early '00s. In other words, Britney Spears' "Perfume" music video is out, and it's lovelorn Spears at her best.

Here are some things that stood out immediately in this video:

  • Some crafty product placement for Britney Spears' perfume brand.
  • Every time she sings "I'm gonna mark my territory" I can't help but think of that dark period when my dog wasn't house-trained.
  • The whole vibe of this, directorally and vocally, reminded me of vintage Spears ballads. Which I suppose is a good thing, because vintage Britney rocked.
  • Was anyone else preoccupied by the very strategic placement of Spears' shirt to cover just the place where her nipples hypothetically are and not the rest of her boob? No? Just me?
  • Also this is a ballad about cheating, but is it just me or was Spears' dude having way more fun with the other lady? You might just wanna let him go, girl. That scene in the wreck yard? I kinda ship it.

You can see the video for yourself here:

BritneySpearsVEVO on YouTube

Image: RCA Records