What Would Call Center Employees Like To Tell You?

We all know that having to deal with any kind of customer service on the phone sucks, but as the funny new Buzzfeed video "If Call Center Employees Were Honest" shows, the misery cuts both ways. As much as you might feel like you're dying inside while on the phone, chances are good their soul is shriveling up, too. So remind me again why this is a thing?

Take a peak at the Internet and you'll find no shortage of recorded customer service horror calls, like the man who posted his experience trying to cancel Comcast service, or the man who was put on hold until Comcast's office closed — and if you're sensing a Comcast theme here you're not wrong. The company says they'll be improving their notorious customer service "in a few years," but as someone who has spent much time communing with the Comcast hold music, I will believe it when I see it.

The thing is, though, that the miserable customer service experience most of us have on the phone isn't really the fault of the poor people on the other end of the line who have to bear the brunt of people's anger due to problems they themselves didn't cause. Really, they're just as miserable as you are. Unlike you, however, they can't tell you everything they're feeling.

But if they could, this might be some of the things they say.

"As Soon As You Started Yelling, I Zoned Out."

"Why Yes, I'd Love To Spend The Next Ten Minutes Being Told What A Horrible Person I Am."

"Please Stop Telling Me This Pointless Story, Just Tell Me Your Problem."

"Yes, I Know How Long You've Been Holding, And I Don't Care."

"This Job Has Made Me Dead Inside."

And for even more things your call center service representative is secretly trying to tell you through their smiley tone, you can check out the video.

Image: BuzzFeedYellow/YouTube