5 Ways To Style Cut Offs For Fall

by Augusta Statz

Shorts are a staple of summer, but that doesn’t mean that you have to completely discard them once cooler temperatures roll around. Styling a pair of cut offs just right can help make them the perfect transitional item. Besides, if crop tops are here to stay, then you can’t ignore your trusty pair of bottoms, at least not just yet.

Pairing shorts with long sleeve tops or things like longline vests that provide a little more coverage will allow you to wear them into fall. Planning ahead and having a jacket handy for if it gets chilly is also a great way to rock cut offs, and the whole jacket around the waist thing is super cool at the moment. So, bonus, you know? Choose long sleeves to go with your shorts, top the look off with some great ankle boots, and you’ll have the best of transitional style for months to come!

Check out these five ways to wear with shorts well into the fall. These techniques are super easy to follow and the best part is you probably already have these pieces in your closet! Great fall fashion with pieces that you already own — now that’s a win-win!

These five items will go great with your cut offs.

1. Blazers

A super chic blazer is sure to dress your fave shorts and supply all of the warmth you'll need.

Collarless One-Button Blazer, $29.80,

2. Hooded Jackets

Tie a jacket like this around your waist and not only will you be super on-trend, you'll be prepared for whatever weather comes your way!

Drapey Denim Anorak Jacket, $79,

3. Longline Vest

Still open and breezy, but slightly covered. This is exactly what you need for excellent transitional style.

High-Slit Longline Vest, $34.90,

4. Long Sleeve Collared Shirt

Ultra fashionable, but still appropriate for fall-like coolness. Just what you need, right?

Color Block Shirt With Contrast Collar, $96.74,

5. Turtle Neck

A turtle neck (cropped, if you're feeling adventurous) will dress up a pair of shorts and give you the ultimate chic look.

Striped Turtle Neck, $18.81,

Bring on the cooler weather because you and your shorts will be just fine!

Images: Courtesy Brands (5)