The First 'Star Trek' Cruise Gets An All-Star Host

This is one hell of a way to spend six days and six nights, Star Trek fans. Starting in 2017, a new Star Trek cruise will sail off as a celebration of the series' 50th anniversary, and the cruise's host will be none other than Captain Kirk himself, William Shatner. The Norwegian Pearl will transform into a Star Trek fan's haven, complete with concerts, performances, comedy shows, and parties featuring Star Trek actors, scientists and experts. The cruise will sail from Miami to all kinds of exotic and beautiful locals including Cozumel, Mexico and the Bahamas.

Sounds pretty good, right? It gets better: It's not just Shatner who will join fans on their trip. The man who originated Kirk will be backed by some old friends from the USS Enterprise, the USS Enterprise-D, and the USS Voyager including Deanna Troi, aka Marina Sirtis; Captain William Riker, aka Jonathan Frakes; and Dr. Lewis Zimmerman, aka Robert Picardo.

This isn't the first themed cruise to set sail and set fans' hearts aflutter. From music cruises celebrating different eras of music and particular musicians, to cruises dedicated to other iconic TV series, the themed cruise industry is definitely booming and getting more and more creative with each new event. Disney's not the only one in marketplace anymore, that's for sure. A few of the best ones, below:

1. Buffy The Vampire Slayer

This might be the greatest invention in the history of cruises. Despite the steep prices of setting sail on the high seas in extreme comfort and opulence of a cruise, I might consider handing over my paycheck for this cruise. The Buffy cruise featured cast members, Q&As, screenings, and more.

2. Dark Shadows

The cult hit TV series that became a Johnny Depp film cruises it up real nice with appearances from the original cast, panels, Dark Shadows activities, and oh so much more.

3. TCM Classics

Cruise-goers join TCM Classics host Robert Osbourne and more as the network takes fans of classic Hollywood through the iconic films they remember and love with special and surprise guests. There's so much to do on a TCM Classics cruise, and it's not all about watching movies.

4. The '80s

This is nostalgia at its finest. Famous musicians from the 1980s show up on the '80s cruise, including Huey Lewis & The News, Kool & The Gang, Starship, and more!

5. Kid Rock

An entire cruise featuring Kid Rock and some of his special friends. For people who like the polarizing rocker, this is literally heaven. I'm not a fan, but even I see the appeal.

6. New Kids On The Block

Who doesn't love a good boy band cruise ship? Almost a week of hangin' tough with the boys of NKOTB is a nostalgia dream come true!

If you're looking for a pop culture-themed adventure, then start saving up; these cruises are well worth the fees.

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