Does The City Or The Country Make People Happy?

Every time I visit my hometown, the great Warner Family Debate erupts: does the city or the country make you happier? Urban areas aren't exactly calming, with their constant light, noise, and spontaneous Rick Ross album parties at the club down the street keeping you awake till 4 a.m. every once in a while. (Does that not happen to anyone else? Maybe it's just an Atlanta thing.)

In fact, research consistently shows that living in cities can take a toll on your health. According to ABC News, a recent study found that adults who live in densely-populated areas are more likely to develop psychosis than those who live in small towns, and Scientific American reports that urban dwellers could be at a greater risk for emotional disorders. In the face of all the drawbacks, though, some people just can't stay away from the lure of the concrete jungle.

On the other hand, some people hate it. They prefer the quiet of the countryside, and all the hustle and bustle just stresses them out. That brings us to our question today: which environment makes you happier? BuzzFeed took to Los Angeles to try and find the answer, asking residents on the street about whether they were happy where they lived.

The answers were surprisingly mixed. One man said he was "very happy" with his life, but the majority of residents found city life less enjoyable. In fact, one girl was moving out of the city entirely.

Next, BuzzFeed headed out to Santa Clarita, California, where they interviewed people at the Halfway House Cafe. Unlike Los Angeles residents, the townspeople in Santa Clarita were unequivocally happy with their choice in environments.

However, as the video points out, this doesn't mean everyone should move out to the country. The interviewees who were happiest all liked where they lived, even among city residents. The key seems to be whether you're "well-matched" with your environment; if you dislike urban areas, chances are you're going to hate living in one. Likewise, if you find the countryside tedious, it's not going to get any more interesting if you move out there.

Check out the video below:

Images: Keromi Keroyama/Flickr; BuzzFeed Video/YouTube (2)