7 Decor Ideas To Instantly Improve Your Bathroom

by Dacy Knight

Bathrooms can be tricky territory in the apartments of young adults. They are too often neglected when it comes to interior design and decor (and disinfection), yet are quite possibly the most painless room to improve upon with easy, inexpensive fixes. Here's a list of simple bathroom decor ideas that will take your loo to the next level without emptying your wallet.

Most young adults find themselves in outdated or sometimes downright dilapidated living situations, but the smallest room in your apartment can be the best place to begin your home improvement. Bathroom betterment for the twenty-something set doesn't require a full-blown renovation to be impactful. The secret is in tastefully executed details that add just a touch of luxe or charm. This isn't limited to the shower curtain you and your roommate pondered over to the point of excess at Bed Bath & Beyond. Unexpected elements that are just as functional as they are pleasing to look at are what elevate the space. The bathroom is a venue of unavoidable human requirements, but also a place of preparation and unwinding. It should invigorate you before you take on the day, but also bring you to peace before you tuck in at night. Set the right mood with a handful of decorative touches, and maximize the potential of your powder room.

1. Create An Over-The-Throne Tray

One of your bathroom's most visited destinations is the toilet, so why not give this frequented fixture a little luxury? Crown your throne with an attractive tray featuring a few pretty and practical knick-knacks. Plants are always a no-brainer, and scent diffusers, candles, and matches make for welcome "accent pieces" to have on hand. Change up the look and the mood whenever you desire, simply by switching out candles for vases or bottles for frames. Mixed materials add some drama, but make sure to keep things simple, not cluttered, or it will look like you're using your seat as a makeshift shelf.

2. Find A Unique Soap Dish

Unless you're a pump-only person, a soap dish is a necessary accessory you can have a little fun with. It doesn't have to be a soap dish at all.

3. Show Off Some Statement Soap

Once your soap dish game has been stepped up, why stop there? Soap comes in many shapes and sizes, some fashioned to look like diamonds, popsicles, sharks, or stones (seen here).

4. Get Reflective: Upgrade Your Mirror

Mirrors are automatically the centerpiece of the room, and can completely transform the space. Unless your mirror fixture is permanent, this is a great opportunity to turn a bathroom staple into a statement piece. If you can change it up, do so. The oversized option here gives off grandeur of masterpiece proportions, and makes a moderately-sized bathroom seem much more open.

5. Add A Pop Of Color

Adding a pop of color by using a bright accent paired with a neutral, seen here with hand towels, is an effective but low-commitment way to add a fun, modern look. It can easily be updated each season, or according to your whims.

6. Invest In Bamboo Accents

Bamboo is not only sustainable, but also fairly standardized — so even if you don't buy your bath accessories in a set, choosing bamboo will keep things consistent and coherent. As a bathmat, bamboo is a savior, especially for bathrooms where the population exceeds one. There'll be no arguing among roommates about who's next to carry a mildewed microfiber rug to the laundromat.

7. Add A Little Green

Plants literally bring life to a room, and the bathroom is no exception. Add some outdoor flair to the smallest of indoor spaces with hanging ivy atop your bath caddy. Don't worry if you don't posses a green thumb, the high-moisture environment is an ideal setting for these plants to thrive.

Images: Dacy Knight (12)