Meadow Walker Gets Sweet Teen Choice Shout Out

Who would have thought that Sunday night's telecast of the Teen Choice Awards could actually bring tears to my eyes? The cast of Furious 7 rightfully took home the award for Choice Movie: Action/Adventure at the awards show. And, when the winner was announced, the camera panned over to Vin Diesel, who took a moment to sit in his chair in what looked to be contemplation and overwhelming emotion. At that moment, it was obvious what Diesel must be thinking about: His fallen brother Paul Walker. From then on, the rest of the speech was moving and wonderful, and Diesel included a sweet shout out to Walker's daughter Meadow Walker while talking about family on and off the screen.

There's a big reason why Furious 7 was such a great movie. No, it's not just because the action was incredible (the things these people do with cars is physically and scientifically impossible which makes it all the more badass). It's because it's obvious that cast really love each other like a family, just like they say onscreen. So, when the cast talked about their love for Paul Walker and how much they miss him, it's impossible not to feel emotional watching their love for the actor and sadness they will always feel over his passing.

Diesel gave a beautiful speech about how much the whole team behind the Fast and the Furious franchise love their fans, and how the fans have made them reach higher and higher for each film. But, when the words moved to talk about Paul Walker, Diesel talked about how family got them through so much and singled out Meadow Walker as one teen who kept them going. Diesel ended the speech with simple but exciting words: "Until Fast 8." Perfection. I'm not crying. You're crying.