9 Ways To Work Cheese Into Your Next Party

Cheese is the glue that binds us foodies together. Melty, gooey, and oh-so-comforting, it's the food that feels like a warm hug to your insides. Think about it — it's impossible to be sad while eating a big bowl of macaroni and cheese. That's why these cheesy party food recipes are so completely bomb — you're gonna want to keep them around with you at all times.

Whether you are breaking out a pizza with your best friend during girls' night, or sharing fondue with your significant other, there is something oddly intimate about everyone's favorite dairy product. It's one of those things that brings people together, no matter how you serve it — nobody is going to say no to a delicious cheese dip if it's already in front of them. Go fancy with your cheese (goat cheese-stuffed figs, anyone?), or get completely basic. There is absolutely no shame in serving up an enormous cheese ball at your next soiree. In fact, I'd go so far as to suggest that a cheese ball should be the first thing you even put on the menu.

These cheesy appetizers are sure to earn you the title of potluck princess at your next dinner party. Go ahead and break out your crown, you've earned it.

1. Warm Herb And Goat Cheese Jam

Grab some fancy crackers for this goat cheese jam spread from Joy the Baker, and you're sure to have the bougiest spread ever.

2. Baked Ricotta With Lemon, Garlic, And Chives

This baked ricotta dip from The Kitchn is a crowd-pleaser. I mean, look at it.

3. Ham And Cheese Puffs

The best part of these ham and cheese puff pastry tarts? They're so tiny and adorable, you have no choice but to eat them all. I Am A Food Blog has the recipe.

4. Tomatoes Stuffed With Cheese

So simple, yet so, so tasty. Get this recipe from Natasha's Kitchen.

5. Two Words: Cheese Balls

Not just cheese balls, but a trio of cheese balls. Meaning three. The Kitchn shows you how it's done. *prayer hands*.

6. Goat Cheese-Stuffed Figs

*HEAVY BREATHING* Get this heavenly recipe from Tori Avey.

7. Beer Cheese Dip

This recipe from A Spicy Perspective would be perfect for breaking out at Oktoberfest.

8. Butternut Squash And Goat Cheese Dip

This butternut squash and goat cheese dip by How Sweet It Is is perfect for welcoming fall.

9. Four-Cheese Pizza

Is it even a party without pizza? This decadent pie by I Am A Food Blog has mozzarella, brie, Parmesan, and ricotta. Yup, pretty much perfection.

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Images: Joy the Baker; The Kitchn (2); Natasha's Kitchn; Tory Avey; A Spicy Perspective; How Sweet Eats; I Am A Food Blog (2)