Who Are The Youngest Politicians in America? Jeramey Anderson, Alex Morse, and More

This month, on December 6, Jeramey Anderson celebrated his 22 birthday by being sworn into the Mississippi House of Representatives. The millennial is now the youngest lawmaker in the state of Mississippi. Anderson's set a national precedent for young American politicians: it’s never too early to start.

Anderson plans on finishing his degree in homeland security and public relations from Tulane University online when the House is in session (a real product of the 21st century) and is looking forward to tackling a number of issues facing Mississippi.

In light of Anderson’s recent accomplishments, here’s a list of 10 other young politicians in the United States, from 'oldest' to youngest. Can we get some more women up in here?

Photo via Facebook/Jeramey Anderson

Eric Swalwell, 33

This former college athlete from the University of Maryland’s men’s soccer team now represents California as a Democrat in the House of Representatives.

Photo via Twitter/@RepSwalwell

Justin Amash, 33

Amash is a Republican representative for Michigan and has held office since January 2011.

Photo via Twitter/@RepJustinAmash

Jason T. Smith, 33

After winning a special election in June 2013, Jason T. Smith became a representative for Missouri.

Photo via Twitter/@RepJasonSmith

Aaron Shock, 32

Shock is a member of the U.S. House of Representatives from Illinois, and first took office four years ago back in 2009.

Photo via Facebook/Aaron Schock

Tulsi Gabbard, 32

Not only is Gabbard a U.S. representative for Hawaii, but she’s also a Vice-Chair of the Democratic National Committee.

Photo via Twitter/@TulsiGabbard

Patrick Murphy, 30

Murphy is a Democratic representative from Florida and was the youngest U.S. Congressman until Jeramey Anderson.

Photo via Facebook/Patrick Murphy

Matthew Bogusz, 26

Matthew Bogusz is now the Mayor of Des Plaines, Illinois after graduating from Northwestern University in 2008.

Photo via Facebook/ Matthew Bogusz

Matthew Avitabile, 26

Before Avitabile was elected as the Mayor of his hometown in Middleburgh, New York, he served as a trustee. He’s also a professor at SUNY Oneonta. So, real underachiever.

Photo via kentgarrettproductions.com

Alex Morse, 24

This 24-year-old Mayor of Holyoke, Mass. was already reelected to his second term.

Photo via Facebook/Alex Morse

Ryan Bingham, 22

Bingham was the Mayor of Torrington, Conn. until October, when he decided he wanted to prioritize his responsibilities as a new parent instead.

Photo via Twitter/@RyanJBingham