The Best Los Angeles Streetstyle I've Seen This Week

Greetings from Los Angeles! I'm visiting a friend and we're filling our days with celebrity-stalking, juice bar-hopping, and David Lynch-referencing (also, um, we found a grilled cheese shop next to a cupcake store. Can I get a G-O-L-D-E-N-S-T-A-T-E?) I was lead to believe that L.A. was a veritable parade of tall, thin blondes with careerist Hollywood gleams in their eyes, but so far, I haven't seen a single one. What I have seen are a bunch of louche hipsters wearing things I wish I owned.

I'm not a street style photographer (though I did snap this dude smoking a cigarette in Los Feliz), but I've been keeping track of the coolest wardrobe pieces I've spotted so far. Here they are, and they're instantly shoppable (sorry, budgeteers!) ‚— if you wanted to bring a little bit of L.A. into your home closet, I'd be the last to say you'd gone Hollywood.

Leather Converse

Picture this: I’m getting brunch at a hip corner spot with my friend, when two adorable little boys dash through the door and proceed to hang up signs on the community board advertising — I kid you not — gong baths. Needless to say, they had a really awesome mom. Her leather Chucks were almost as cool as her little dudes.

Chuck Taylor Leather, $48.75,

Vintage kimono robes

While crossing a busy street, I passed a girl in a bright pink kimono robe thrown casually over her jeans and t-shirt and wished I had the nerve to ask for a picture. It was the perfect piece of outerwear for mid-afternoon L.A. weather.

Vintage Floral Kimono, $18,

Orange sneakers

This slightly creepy dude strolled past my friend and I one afternoon, staring at us — but in his defense, we were staring first. At his shoes. The orange sneakers were a great pièce de résistance to his otherwise all-black outfit.

Adidas by Stella McCartney Barricade W, $119.95,

Oversized print cardigans

There must be hundreds of cute couples-who-brunch in L.A., and the girls are usually wearing black jeans, ankle boots, and something cooly comfortable, like this.

Southwest Sweetheart Beige and Navy Blue Print Cardigan Sweater, $49,

Crazy frames

There are no ordinary glasses in Los Angeles.

Kam Dhillon 3046 Leopard, $79,

Intensely patterned men's sweaters

After my flight from O’Hare to LAX, I was feeling queasy and malnourished, so I stopped for the best vegetables of my life at Forage in Silver Lake. There was a dude there wearing a sweater just like this one, and I just don’t understand why his girlfriend hadn’t already claimed it for her own.

Men’s Hipster Sweater, $21,

Loose, drapey cocktail dresses

I went to a too-hip-for-the-holidays party in Mount Washington, and one of the hostesses was wearing a drapey gray dress just like this one, paired with bright red lipstick and geometric silver earrings. It didn’t show a sliver of gratuitous skin, but that’s what made it so sexy.

KaufmanFranco Womens Twine Drape Leather Belted Sleeveless Dress, $531,