Heidi Klum's Response To Trump's Slam Is Perfect

Is there a woman Donald Trump will not go after as he campaigns to become the next President? Fresh from his offensive remarks about Fox News' Megyn Kelly, the Republican candidate sat down with Maureen Dowd from The New York Times and admitted that wife, Melania, and daughter, Ivanka, want him to cut out his misogynist remarks because they don't believe that's who he really is. And then, because that's not who is really is, Trump proceeded to slam model Heidi Klum by saying, "Sometimes I go a little bit far. Heidi Klum. Sadly, she's no longer a 10."

I'm picturing Klum — whose only connection to either party, as far as anyone knows, is having her name attached to a Hillary Clinton/Obama parody video — reading the NYT article and saying, "Why ME!?" There's no rhyme or reason for Trump's remark, other than to convince readers of one of the most liberal news outlets in the nation that he had no intention of playing nice for their readers, a segment of the population who would sooner vote for a flying pig than the outspoken billionaire.

Klum could have used this opportunity to shut Trump down and to, if it floats her boat, use his words as a prime example of why Clinton or Bernie Sanders or Carly Fiorina or anyone else on Earth, really, would make a more appropriate candidate for the highest office in the country. But, again, she isn't overly political in the public eye, to my knowledge, and instead of getting down in the dirt, posted this amazing video on Twitter, which shows she was a 10 — until Trump forced her into 9.99 territory:

This is what confidence looks like: revenge with a smile. A witty, graceful response to a misogynist comment is always the best response. In a matter of seconds, Klum proved that class and intelligence are two of the most beautiful things of all. Gisele, take note. You never know when Trump will come after you — get your video camera ready.