'Suits' Star Lands 'Orphan Black' Role on Twitter

If you're an actor looking to book a gig on a buzzed-about show, look no further than Twitter. At least that's how Suits star Patrick Adams managed to finagle himself a guest spot on BBC America's Orphan Black . The self-proclaimed superfan of the sci-fi series about a bunch of clones (all played by stupid-talented actress Tatiana Maslany) didn't need any sort of power or unusual circumstance to weasel his way in, merely a hashtag.

You see, using the Internet for personal gain isn't just for the normal, run-of-the-mill plebes like you or I anymore. Oh no no, those days eclipsed us with the advent of Kickstarter, it seems (thanks, Veronica Mars). In fact famous people are getting in on The Secret-esque quality that Twitter and other socially charged mediums can have when the right set of circumstances come together. And sometimes those circumstances lead you right into the waiting arms of your dreams: mainly a "master class" (his words) with the most impressive young actress on the small screen today.

Adams isn't the only famous person obsessed with the series. Stars such as Patton Oswalt, The Shield's Shawn Ryan, and Lost's Damon Lindelof have all come out with effusive praise for the series and its mind-boggling star. So while his venture into guest stardom-via-obsession may be the first (other guest stars — Michiel Huisman (Nashville), Peter Outerbridge (Nikita) and Ari Millen (Rookie Blue, Nikita) — got their roles the old-fashioned way), he might not be the last, either.

While details are scarce, there are a few things we do know: Adams will appear in an as-yet-undated episode as Jesse, a regular guy with an penchant for bravery it seems, that finds himself in a wee bit of trouble thanks to the arrival of a pack of clones (all played by Maslany) in his life. Though there's also no word on how they end up in his life, either.

So what's a boy like Jesse to do in a situation such as this? Considering how fanboying and Twitter proclamations got him the gig, it seems only fair that these details are also woven into his character's storyline, don't you? So, we've come up with a few ideas (and yes they contain spoilers for all you folks who aren't caught up on Orphan Black yet).1.) Jesse is the CEO of a social media start-up that allows people to chat completely anonymously online with random strangers. Through a series of loopholes he discovers that a group of women scattered across the world have been using his site to cryptically communicate about things like "324B21" and a mysterious character referred to as "the proclone" and "Leekie." After hacking his own site he uncovers enough data to locate one of the users, a mysterious science student named Cosima. Things spiral from there. 2.) Following the murder of her former BFF/nosy neighbor Aynsley Norris, Alison Hendrix decides she has to beef up in order to protect herself. She finds a kickboxing instructor named Jesse who operates sort of like a food truck — tweeting the locations of his classes, which changes daily — the unpredictability of the setting allowing her to believe she's being safe and keeping harm at bay. But one day while practicing her high kicks, a mysterious stranger shows up, and it's up to Jesse to protect his client. 3.) On the run from the neolutionists and pro-clone Rachel Duncan, Sarah Manning comes across Jesse, a smalltown boy with a bit of a god complex. While helping Sarah get out of a jam, Jesse finds himself thrust into the middle of the clone's saga — one which he cannot seem to keep from live-tweeting. But in doing so, unwittingly leads the baddies right to Sarah. He'll give his life to save hers in a swooping act of bravery. GIFs: Orphan Black/Tumblr