5 Ideas to Make Your Hair Look Killer in a Snowstorm

Oh hey, freezing cold temps, I wasn’t expecting you so soon. Do come in and make yourself comfortable. Don't mind us, we're just going to come up with some ways to rock stylish, presentable-for-work hair when you are raging around outside. Do join us...

Styled curls

John Shearer/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Gorgeous, flowing waves suit beanie-wearing season perfectly and doesn’t have to be that time-consuming. Use a medium-large barrel tong to create waves in random pieces of hair, going at different directions and different levels of curls. Spritz with hairspray and brush out with your fingers for perfectly relaxed winter lengths.

Face framing straight lengths

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If you’ve got an important meeting and need sleek hair, it is possible to arrive into the office with locks unharmed. Do your straightening, and adjust your beanie accordingly so you’ve aren’t frizzifying the front of your hair. Or, a great trick is to affix an elastic towards the bottom of the hair to hold it in place as best as you can without leaving a dent. Tuck it all into your sweater, jacket, and under your beanie and if you are careful, it’ll all still be in tact.

The 'ol side plait

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Easy chic, and has you out the door in less than 10. Perfect for when you’ve succumbed to the warmth of the duvet for too long.

Work your bangs into the look

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Bangs + beanie are a match made in heaven. Tuck all of your lengths up and just let your full or side fringe be the look. Only downside? Loss of warmth around your neck from your hair, so a scarf is vital.

When all else fails

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Forget trying to fit the static, frizz and madness — work with it. If you can pull off raw, naturally textured hair, we say go for it like Dree Hemingway’s effortless look here.