Larry & Nicole Combat Jealousy In 'WAGS' Premiere

The most surprising thing about the WAGS series premiere is that it really proves relationship insecurity can plague anyone, even famous, successful couples like Nicole Williams and Tampa Bay Buccaneer Larry English. And the first episode ended with a big question: did Larry cheat on Nicole while they were in Vegas? No, the episode showed that Larry didn't cheat on Nicole, and the WAGS couple is still together, but what this series premiere did reveal is that Nicole has a lot of insecurity about Larry's fidelity.

Honestly, I don't really blame her, even though she takes that worry to an extreme. All of the WAGs have their own stuff to work through, and they all seem to have a problem with other women and fans who constantly mob their boyfriends and husbands, supposedly looking to "steal" them. While the way the WAGS discuss these other women is very problematic, it must be strange to be in love with a celebrity who really does have fans and admirers looking to meet them constantly.

Not only did Nicole keep checking Larry's phone while they were in Vegas, but she hated the idea of him going anywhere or doing anything without her, all because she thinks that too many women will be hitting on him wherever he goes. And the rest of the WAGS cast seemed to agree that she was right to worry, which should make for a very paranoid season of television.

At the end of the night, Larry just went to bed in their hotel room rather than heading to the club to spite Nicole. But that doesn't seem to have made her feel much better, and she has taken extreme measures to make sure Larry is not cheating, such as installing dog cameras throughout her apartment and connecting them to her phone.

I understand that she's nervous about being cheated on, and as a working model, she's nervous about having to travel during Larry's time off. But it was clear that while Larry seems to love Nicole, her paranoia about his alleged potential for infidelity is putting a considerable strain on their relationship. I'm sure more of this will be playing out during the rest of WAGS Season 1, I just hope Nicole realizes that she doesn't need to be so worried.