Gisele Dares To Bare And Goes Dewy For 'Pop' Mag

She may be retiring from active duty on the runway, but she's still covering fashion magazines in fresh and fabulous ways. Supermodel Gisele Bundchen has gone bare-faced and dewy for the cover of Pop . It's essentially a head shot for the publication's autumn and winter issue and the Brazilian bombshell lets the viewer get extremely up close and personal.

The model's eyes are bereft of any eye makeup. No shadow, no liner, no mascara, no nothing. Or at least that's how it appears.

Her lips are dusted with creamy, nude lipstick. But she's not rocking any blush. Her skin is extra dewy and moist, which is likely the work of some moisturizer mixed with liquid foundation or a peach illuminator. Or perhaps it's repurposed body oil!

You also get a good look at Bundchen's smattering of freckles and she is pouting in her most natural state.

Her famous bedhead, which will no longer bounce down the runway as she struts her stuff, isn't a major factor in this cover, either. It appears as though she is rocking a ponytail flipped atop her head, with the tips mimicking faux choppy bangs.The overall look isn't exactly practical IRL. But as editorial for a mag cover? Yeah, it's pretty divine and it's all about fresh, healthy, glowing, and uncovered skin. That and her stare.

Bundchen is seriously working that dewy, "no makeup" makeup look. She looks so fresh and youthful. I also see pores, so the overall feel is quite natural. You know what other cover this reminds me of?

Taylor Swift's bare-faced and decidedly young Wonderland cover was equally soft.

Jennifer Lopez is the queen of that dewy-skinned look and she displayed that status on her most recent Self cover.

Katie Holmes was bare, beachy, and shimmering on her Allure cover back all the way back in 2013. I love how her face and body were framed by that wild and wet mane of hair.

Studio Fernanda Calfat/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

You know, Bundchen often looks not-overly-made-up on the runway. She is contoured, but it's not obvious or Kardashian-y.

Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Her skin was able to breathe here, as well. The supermodel has always been such a natural stunner. That's why she has endured for so many years.

Bundchen is still winning over her legion of fans with her amazing cover nods and poses even though she has left the runway.

Images: Pop (1); Wonderland (1); SELF (1); Allure (1)