7 Kaitlyn Bristowe Beauty Tips To Try Right Now

Whether you're a die hard Bachelorette fan or barely know who Kaitlyn Bristowe is, you've got to admit the girl knows a thing or two about hair and makeup. I scouted out all of Kaitlyn Bristowe's beauty tips and they are all beyond on point. If her relationship is as hot as her look, she and Shawn Booth are gonna be together forever.

The Bachelorette star is known for her bold lip color choices, perfectly clear skin, and super bubbly personality. Her most beautiful quality, though, is just how straight up real she is. The girl is a serious firecracker, would totally be princess Jasmine if bachelorettes were Disney princesses, and is willing to stand up for what she wants.

I can't imagine how difficult it is to be vulnerable and authentic knowing millions of people are watching you, but somehow she's pulled it off. After recovering from a very public heartbreak on a previous season, I seriously admire her willingness to share her pain and joy with the world. My fingers are all kinds of crossed she and Booth are in it for the long haul, and can't wait to see what their wedding pictures look like!

Given her beauty tips below, I'm confident she'll be a total #stunner of a bride. Here are 7 Kaitlyn Bristowe beauty tips you should follow ASAP.

1. Detoxifying Face Masks

Detoxifying Face Masks, $19, TruSelf Organics

To keep her skin glowing, Bristowe is obsessed with cruelty-free TruSelf Organics face masks. Booth, however, doesn't seem as enthused...

2. Prescription Lashes

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Bristowe super digs Latisse lash growth solution for her sexy gaze. I think I'll stick with mascara, but the prescription would be fun to try!

3. Body-Pos Attitude

In an interview with People, Bristowe shared her passion for RAW Beauty Talks, which aims to fight the overuse of Photoshop and create authenticity in media. On IG, she posted, "Let's get real about what women look like for the next generation of girls." #Preach Ain't nothing more beautiful than confidence and authenticity!

4. Bright Lips

Flat Out Fabulous Lipstick, $36, MAC

Bristowe loves a lip color that pops, and one of her favorites is MAC's bubblegum pink Flat Out Fabulous.

5. Top Knots Like Whoa

One scroll through Bristowe's IG and you'll realize the girl is a master of the top knot. She's rocked it for both casual and formal occasions, and it looks amaze every time.

6. Extensions

Sometimes, you just want longer strands and you shouldn't have to wait a year to get them. Follow Kaitlyn's suit and grab some clip-on extensions for instant long locks.

7. Zo Skin Health Skincare Products

She might be a pretty laid back lady, but Kaitlyn doesn't mess around when it comes to skincare, citing Zein Obagi's Zo Skin Health products as her go-to for keeping her complexion youthful.

Image Credit: (ABC/Felicia Graham)